Weekender people...I need opinions

  1. The next bbag I've been considering buying is the weekender. I believe this is the largest of the moto family of bbags. I'm 5' 2" and was wondering how many of you here are close to my size or shorter, and aren't uncomfortable carrying this bag around. Also wondering how much use you get out of it? Do you use it primarily for travel, or day to day? Big bags are in this year, but I'm concerned that the weekender might not get used enough to justify buying one. I do travel some, but I worry about a bag that size getting banged up. I never have needed much encouragement to dive into another balenciaga purchase......even though I'm supposed to be on purse ban right now.:graucho: Opinions would be appreaciated. TIA
  2. I think you will love it! I have only used mine for travel but want to use it for everyday as well. I am 5'4 and I LOVE mine! Make sure and post pics if you get one!
  3. just switched from work to weekender. i'm 5'3 and use it every day because i carry a lot of things. i personally love it and the way it looks and plan on continuing to use it. i guess big bags will be out at some point but since i need a big bag and like them i'll keep using the weekender. mine is black so i don't worry about it getting banged up i think it's part of the charm of the bag
  4. I don't know, I just saw that picture of Nicole Richie using a white Weekender in the Celebrities thread, and it looks like it could eat her alive. I'm 4'11" and would never buy a Weekender, because it would be half of me... but I also don't usually carry more than a Day or City can handle, either. The only reason I'd carry a bag that big is for an actual overnight/travel bag. Anything else would look silly on me.

    However, the extra three inches you've got on me may make a big difference... and lots of the petite girls on this forum seem to love them, so to each her own! :flowers:
  5. by the way there was another helpful thread about this same question, it helped me when deciding on the size, i think the title had "everyday" in it. i found it when i did a search for "weekender"
  6. i'm 5'4" and i love to carry my weekenders.
    i think it's the most often style i've used lately.
    i used it for everyday and for weekend trips. it's very useful adn pretty :yes:

    i think u will not regret to purchase it!
  7. I bought a city first, then a work - and I use the work for everyday. I find the city is too small for anything other than weekends. I am now lusting after a weekender - I think it would be perfect for day to day use. I am 5ft6 so it shouldn't swallow me whole (and three times as wide as Ms Ritchie!)..
  8. I am 5'1 and carry my weekender mostly for travel, it just looks so big on me.
  9. i love the weekender for everyday use! i'm 5'5'', but i have a friend who is 5'2'' and she uses hers too as an everyday bag. it looks great on her. she doesn't overstuff and it slouches, so it doesn't look too big.... but then again... it's a matter of perspective. if you've never carried big bags, it may be a bit overwhelming at first. i started carrying big bags for practicality, but now love the way it looks.
  10. I love the weekender but I think it's a bit big for everyday I would prefer the Work just my personal opinion. The weekender is a great bag!
  11. maybe this picture will help you get a perspective on how a weekender would look. ashley looks great here and she is quite tiny too. good luck on your decision!
  12. hi! i'm 5'2 and my current fave is my weekender in vert gazon.. it is huge, but i love the way that the leather sort of slouches when i carry it :smile: plus, i also tend to carry A LOT of stuffs in my bag.. it can be pretty annoying to find stuffs in it though, because of how deep it is.. so that's something to take into consideration.

    but, if you like me and just like the way it looks, i say go for it. i use mine for everyday and to go to uni sometimes, it also come in handy for travel
  13. I'm 5'7" so I don't find it too big at all.
    But I think with use the Weekender slouches enough that even the more petite could pull it off!!
    And if you can feel comfortable with it, you will rock it!!:rochard:
  14. I love my weekender..(5'7") ~Thinking about getting another one