Weekender lovers! Do we have any pics of an 07 Sienna RH Weekender?

  1. I have searched tPF & looked at my beloved Weekender Club section...Alas, I can't find any. Sienna is sizzling! Post pics of Sienna Weekenders - broken in or not. IMO, Sienna looks far more rock and roll when broken in and used to death! If we get a few pics, maybe this thread could be merged with the Weekender Club!
  2. Ooohhh!! I've never seen a sienna weekender, and would love to see some pics as well!! I am in awe of my sienna day- imagine that leather x3!
  3. ack don't remind me I shoulda kept it! It was from NM and I returned it because I thought it was too big. GORGEOUS LEATHER!!!
  4. Oh no brunette!!! I am so sorry it didn't work out for you. I did think it looked unreal on you and I was even going to mention that you could get away with that one as an everyday bag...You know, a "shopping mission" bag!!!
  5. KDC~ I know its not Sienna, but there is a khaki weekender on e**y right now! The leather looks great. Brunette~ Your Sienna was gorgeous! that leather makes me drool
  6. Brunette I was totally thinking you had one too, but then couldn't remember if it was a weekender or a work.

    peppers- that khaki on eBay is really gorgeous!! But also really $$$!
  7. Thanks Peppers, I saw that Khaki...$$$$$ There's too many other's I want right now...

  8. I agree~ I would have to sell a Chanel to get that!! he he-:graucho: but it is tempting.....
  9. ok i'm wanting to cry now, esp after looking again at my own pics!!!!:crybaby:
    I guess I now know what's next on my wish list!!!:yes:
  10. ME TOO ACK!!!! How did I not see this! It's soooo gorgeous!!!!
  11. ^^omg!!! :drool:
  12. NM @ Tyson's has a Sienna Weekender!
  13. :censor: that. people are always telling me that my black weekender is "too big" and i look like i'm "going to the airport rather than work/the mall" and it annoys me more than anything its always the first thing people say, generally because they don't know balenciaga but still!

    big bags are awesome buy another one! :yahoo::woohoo:
  14. I did feel that Khaki weekender in real live and its gorgeous its from the same seller as my mastic. When i was with him i wanted to buy al the bags he had the leather was and is so YUMMIE. He did have 3 weekenders at that time. I Think the price is very High, i did buy my one for a much better price THANK GOD.
    Hugs and greetings FX:heart: