Weekender - hardware and weight

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  1. I'm a big bag person and currently own 2 giant PTs (French Blue GGH and Murier RGGH). I'm thinking about the Weekender and just want to see what everyone thinks...

    About the hardware - I am ok with the weight of giant PT, but not sure about giant Weekender. I haven't tried the bag irl, so want to see what giant weekender users out there think about the weight? Has it in any way affected your usage of the bag? Is it so heavy that you wouldn't carry a lot in it? (Although to me that would be counter intuitive....?)

    About the looks - Do you guys prefer GH or RH on the Weekender?

    If anyone can share anything regarding their Weekender usage experience that would be great! :smile: :smile:
  2. I prefer the weekender rh. Imo it's just too much going on with the ghw.
  3. I'm a die hard RH fan on all the bags, except maybe the Day. So for me it's all about the tassels and the weight...even more so for a bag I might need to "pack." :broom:
  4. ^^ Me too. I prefer tassels to hardware and a lighter weight bag is fabulous for a change.
  5. For Weekender I prefer RH as well. I have one and absolutely love it!!
  6. Thanks for the input! I'm a die hard fan of GH but for some reason when I look at RH Weekender, I have a feeling the GH on this style will not be for me... maybe probably I haven't seen it irl, or maybe it is really going to be too busy on such a huge bag.....
  7. I like the GH on the WE. To me the RH is a little underwhelming on such a big bag. I use my WEs (GH) as everyday bags and have never thought they presented a weight issue. Of course they are heavier than RH bags, but still much lighter than bags from other brands.
  8. RH Weekenders are incredibly light, astounding given that they're full leather.

    i'd say you should be fine with one :smile:
  9. When I used to travel for business, I had quite a few WE's (RH only - the GH wasn't available yet). While much more lightweight than other brands, when filled .. it could get heavy .. and the fact that you could not fit the handles over the shoulder, was a real "pain" for me.

    As such, when I saw the GH WE's, and saw that the handles were longer (such that it could be worn on the shoulder), I was pleased. I have to agree with *Safa*, I kind of like the GH better given the size of the WE .. the RH seems to get lost.
  10. ^^I can wear RH WEs on the shoulder for me. And my arms are definitely FAR from skinny.

    Compared to my RH Work, which required much time to break in before I can even slip the handles over my shoulder, new RH WEs can fit over the shoulder quite easily. The fit is about the same as a GH PT or GH City, I'd say.
  11. Sorry to ask does weekender have long handle or short handle ?
  12. From 2008 the Weekender handle drop was made a little bigger. I was so glad about that because I have swimmers' shoulders and there was no way my lovely 05 Chocolate, 06 Ink & 07 Vert D'Eau was going to fit over my shoulder, even without a jacket.

    I still adore the slouchy oversized look of the Weekender and the longer handles make it more wearable. Even though I love my earlier chevre leathers, unfortunately the longer handle drop is proving too much of a temptation over the years. I am slowly letting the old ones go to update to the bigger handles.
  13. Thank you KDC for the info because I am new to balenciaga :smile: I saw some carry with long handles & some with short it's very confusing ! Once again thanks u I totally love the long handles ! :biggrin: