Weekender as everyday bags and Modeling pics (plus Shorties with Biggies!)

  1. Hi All. I just bought the Balenciaga Weekender today. It is HUGE. I always love huge bags. I'm small (5'2). Anyone else have this bag and think it's too big for everyday use? I'm afraid I look ridiculous. Thanx Ladies!!!
  2. Do you have a picture? Personally, I think small women can get away with carrying a proportionally big bag better than taller women can with carrying a small bag. But I think it also depends on the shape of the bag too.
  3. Nice pick
  4. Cute! If it's slouchy it won't look as big as a more structured bag.
  5. I like it.
  6. I love big bags :biggrin: Can't tell how big that is in the pic though.
  7. It's good looking - Does it have a shoulder strap option?
  8. Big bags are more than in style!! I say rock it out- if you love it then that is great. I have many big bags and I just adore them.
  9. is the price similar to the motorcycle one?
  10. I love big bags. Big bags do it for me. ;)
  11. That's a big bag! When I bought my Balenciaga Office/Work bag I was debating on getting the weekender size, but it was just too big (and I'm 5"10). When I carry my Office/Work bag, it feels huuge...I'm always banging into people with it. <blush>
  12. i love your taste in bags :idea:
  13. quite a large bag, but i looooove it. saw the copper one today and i loved the color. what color did you get?
  14. I like the white, olive, and tan one.