Weekender as an everyday bag

Jun 2, 2009
Hi Guys!

I need your experienced Bal-opinions:

Can I carry the Weekender as a day bag?x I never really need a weekendbag so it would just be a everyday bag for me.
I'm quite tall (1m73) and I'm not skinny, so I guess that's a good thing for carrying big bags... I do wear big bags as the Bal Vélo and the LV speedy 40 all the time, but the weekender is.. HUGE! Can I rock it as a day bag? Any Weekender-owner who does this?

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Feb 17, 2007
Not sure if you saw this thread, but there are a few modeling pix that might help you decide.


For me, personally, it would be too big. But I'm not the girl who puts everything and the kitchen sink in her bags either. Additionally, the only thing that I'm not absolutely in love with regarding my Day bag is that I feel like I have to "dig" a lot to find what I'm looking for. I can't even imagine the digging to find something in the Weekender. I have visions of myself diving head-first in to the bag. LMAO!

I'm sure a lot of the ladies do use them for every day, though. So if you're a 'big bag' girl...do what makes you happy!

Happy shopping to you!


Mar 12, 2008
if you're tall, the weekender can definitely be your everyday bag! a broken-in weekender looks a lot like a work size, and the corners collapse in and don't seem big and boxy at all. plus, you always have the option to put more stuff in if you need to.

i personally think a weekender in a darker color (black being my choice for a weekender) also makes it look not as big / intrusive.


Mar 1, 2006
I use my two weekenders as gym bags a classic hw and a giant hw. I am 5' tall and they swallow me up in terms of size but are great for my work in the fitness field.

The classic WE does not seem as large as the giant WE even though Bal lists the measurements as the same. For instance, when I had a classic city, it seemed smaller than the giant city proportion wise.
Jun 2, 2009
Thanks everyone! I do indeed think it's a plus that the colors are dark... I saw a tiny girl with the work yesterday and I thought it was so cool, so the comment about a tall girl with a Weekender looking like a Work makes me very happy! :biggrin: thanks!

I'm still in doubt though, because I was actually looking for a GGH City or Work as my next Bal, since I only have a RH Vélo and RH Twiggy now... And this is a RH Weekender! You know how you are looking on the internet and always come across the wrong bag that you LOVE but weren't searching for?? *Sigh* :smile:

Thanks for your replies everyone, they are very helpful :smile:


Mar 27, 2010
It's true that you do see these great Weekender's on the auction sites...even rare oldies.
It's very tempting. However...... I don 't see these as everyday bags...even on taller people. As luggage or duffel bags...yes. They were designed with luggage in mind..."weekender" .... and I think that is really how these bags look best. Of course, I'm a small person...so consider the source.
Jun 2, 2009
Thanks everyone! I'm still in doubt, I guess I should probably wait until I see the perfect GGH work or city since that's the bag I really, really want.. But it's so hard to keep myself from getting distracted by all of the gorgeous other bags I find on the internet!


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Oct 18, 2006
I love my Sandstone WE and use her as an everyday bag quite often:yes:, just today in fact. I'm a bit fluffy too and while I'm about 5'7 I weigh maybe 180 or so ATM (I'm still working on losing baby weight). Here are a few mod shots of me with mine a few years ago. I say go for it, the WE rocks as if easily holds a ton while still maintaining that slouchy relaxed vibe.


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May 20, 2007
What about short people? I am 5'1 and I too was thinking about purchasing a WE but in a bright color. I want to use it for an everyday bag. I love BIG bags and have 2 works and wanted to try something bigger.


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Dec 6, 2005
Most definitely; especially if you are a tall/large-boned gal (like me - 5'10"; size 12-14). The only problem with WE's, IMO, is the fact that unless you have the GGH (Giant HW) version, you typically can't fit the bag handles over your shoulder. As such, if you do fill it (as I do), then it gets rather heavy on the arm.

I used to use WE's all the time for work as I used to travel extensively (internationally). I would oftentimes also pack a City to use for the to/from office .. other than that, I used the WE all the time.

As far as the "digging to China" problem, I compartmentalize everything - e.g., put my makeup in my MU, credit cards in my MM CP's, etc. -- and typically have bright colored accessories so that I can see them in my bags!