Weekend - what bag have you spotted/seen???

  1. hey everyone!!!
    i thought it would be a neat idea to start up a thread about what bags you've spotted on your outtings!!!

    let me start:

    i saw a family carrying LV's today... well it was a Mum and a Daughter... 1 LV ecplise 1 Speedy 25

    1 girl carrying an LV MC Speedy... i had to walk past her again to check out the colourings and it looked pretty real

    2 ladies carrying Speedy 30's

    I saw some GUCCIS but not too sure if they were real or not

    1 Chloe Edith - chocolate colour??? it looked kind of mental...

    and i think it saw a black KELLY bag - but not too sure!

    What did you see today???

  2. i saw an ugly plastic "apple" bbag on my way to work today!
  3. apple bbag?
  4. Apple green Balenciaga;).
  5. damier alma at a store opening, pretty.
  6. I saw a couple Coach purses and a big Chanel tote-like purse yesterday. I know the Coaches were real, but I wasn't close enough to see if the Chanel was.
  7. Saw lots since I was @ Chanel, LV and Gucci..

    but my main focus was on the LV Carryall :smile:
  8. i was looking at the new paintings they have bought in the nationa gallry in london some days ago and there was next to me a lady with a beautiful chocolate hermes. i was drooling
  9. Huh? :lol:
  10. Nothing good! I love when I go to busy places to "purse watch" (instead of people watch!)....haven't been anywhere but running errands today...
  11. I saw a lady with a mono speedy 30 and she had a nice patina forming
  12. Yesterday while running around downtown...the two that stuck in my mind were a cerises Speedy and a Damier Saleya. The Saleya looked brand new. Both bags were so cute! LV seems to be the only designer bag anyone carries around here. Not sure why.....
  13. hehehe, today is Sunday and i must its an LV weekend... today when i was out "shopping" again i saw...

    1 speedy 25
    2 Almas Monogram - but i'm sure one was fake... the handles looked too long
    2 Papillions monogram - which were totally cute as the leather was really patina
    1 Monogram eclipse
    1 White MC Cabas Audre (drool)
    1 white MC Sac Trouville

    my bf thought i was losing it as i was writing every bag i saw down in my note book! hehehehe! :roflmfao: 0o0o, i love PF!
  14. ok... i know its not the weekend - BUT WOW!!! tonight when my friend and I were at the local Mall we saw SO many LV bags + some others... it was just madness... i spotted my friends dream bag and she nearly passed out!!! We actually stalked a girl with the manhattan pm LOL!
    anyway tonight we spotted these following bags: btw, we had to stop for coffee just to re-fuel and write everything down so i could report back to you all!!! HA HA!!!

    1 denim speedy blue
    1 speedy 25 cerises, 1 speedy 25 damier (SO CUTE), 1 speedy mono 25 and a couple of 30's.
    1 Red Epi Soufflot - i must say this is really pretty up close!!!
    1 Damier Plat with a matching wallet (this girl was like behind us in the coffee line)
    1 Dior Gaucho Red large
    1 Dior with charms sorta like a black quilted bag
    1 MJ Stam - dark green (havent a clue if it was real or not)
    1 papillon monogram
    1 fendi shoulder purse thingy
    1 white mc trouville

    LOADS OF LV.... hehehehhe!!! i was carrying twiggy tonight and i thought hmmm, not a single b-bag in site!
  15. I see a lot of LVs. Some Koobos and Botikers. Of course the selection of Balenciagas and Marc Jacobs as well.