Weekend shopping goodies!

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  1. I have been meaning to post all week, but am just getting a chance to take pics. I found a lot of great deals. Can't wait to put everything in the wardrobe rotation. :yes:

    first pic is a dirt cheap t-bags inspired dress from Nordstrom rack. originally $58, i got it for $8!

    also from the rack ...

    the skirt is a tracy reese silk skirt. originally $265, i paid $31.
    top is also tracy reese. originally $260, i paid $28. :yahoo:

    the dress is from the Barneys new york outlet. it's a silk wrap shirtdress? :shrugs: hard to explain, but it looks adorable on. originally over $300, it was less than $30 at the outlet. couldn't pass it up.

    the bag is also from the Barneys outlet. it was dirt cheap! i am ashamed to say how much. :shame:

    last but not least ... the sunglasses. oliver peoples. originally $250+, they were $35 at last call.:wlae: love the shades.

    my friends always tease me because i shop a lot. but some days, i don't spend a lot, i just come across good deals. wanted to share my lucky shopping weekend with everyone at TPF. thanks for looking! :flowers:
    tbagsinspired.jpg skirt.jpg top.jpg dress.jpg bnyhobo.jpg
  2. Oops! Couldn't post the pic of the sunglasses. Here they are:
  3. Great bargains surlygirl. I love nothing more that getting a huge discount on something and often for me it is all about the hunt..
  4. What great finds! Doesn't it always feel great to get a bargain....
  5. Lovely :love: congrats to ya!
  6. You have impeccable taste. I loved everything colours & style. You will have a lot of fun coordinating those items in your closet.

    Great job !
  7. wow congrats all great buys. really like the dress
  8. congrats!
    great finds.
  9. great finds! i wanna come across bargains like that.
  10. Love all the stuff, congrats, and it is all about the hunt for me too lol!
  11. Congrats on all ya great finds!! :yahoo:
  12. Congrats on all those steals you got!
  13. Amazing bargains! I love the skirt, and the bag looks great too!
  14. nice hunt!!isnt it feel good, to get smthing nice w/ great bargain:graucho::graucho:
  15. nice buys! i love Nordstrom rack and the barneys outlet. have fun wearing everything!