Weekend`s visit at Dior :)

  1. So, the weekend is over and what was supposed to be my shopping spree !

    Actually I have some bad news and good news and im all excited ! :yahoo: first of all I have to order my mini dolly set online as they are not able to reorder fashion jewellery …they only had a mini dolly necklace and I wanted a ring as well , plus it was the one with pink rhinestones and I wanted white …so that was bad …!

    And they didn’t have ANY trotters romantique at all from new lines ! :crybaby:

    I actually caught them in the middle of getting the display changed – a lot of spring stuff was just after arriving and I spent ages drooling over the new zipped tote … they also got my sandals in but they didn’t have my size though ! :crybaby: they only got two sizes and said it was sort of teasers they will be getting all the other sizes a bit later – as well as the other shoes I want – black jeannes ! :heart:

    another good news is that there are completely new SAs working there and I absolutely loved them ! the girl was a bit quiet but the guy gushed and drooled with me for ages ! and they loved my red gaucho ! ( well lets face it what else would they say ? hihi )

    so the extremely nice SA promised me he will ring me straight away when the shoes are in and they will keep both pairs for me on hold if I m not around …and the price was good too 520 € I expected a higher to be honest …and ladies the s/m sandals as zerodross kindly calls them are absolutely TDF ! im probably gonna buy them even if they don’t fit me hihih

    The SA also told me they will be getting a few jeanne bags in and that their number is limited across Europe ( I was so excited I didn’t catch the number – 1000? ) and they will not be repeated at all ! so I said fine with me I don’t like them anyway :roflmfao: … they might have the clutch but im NOT getting it ( im not im not im not …) All in all I had great fun snooping around and bothering them with my endless questions ..but they were the nicest SAs ever and they didn’t mind …if only I had managed to buy something … but I will make it up to myself once they call me and I will go get my shoes ! :supacool:

    I also popped in to Louis Vuitton ( no ivory epi yet – im definitely getting at least a wallet !) and I had a sneak peak at Chanel ….zerodross your python bag was in the most gorgeous light turquoise / aqua blue colour I literally drooled on the floor ! :drool:
  2. hellloooo nat! (i'm finally back from amsterdam)
    i'm so happy to hear that they're bringing in your S&M heels. :yes: you definitely must buy them and of course TAKE TONNES AND TONNES OF PICTURES when they arrive. i can't wait to see your mini dolly set too (i saw the mini dolly rings selling on some japanese website).

    eeeeekk, you mean the jeannes are going to be limited?! :censor: now i'm in danger - i just blew my bag allowance on chanel in amsterdam thinking that the jeannes would be like the gaucho and that i could always get them later. this is not good. the next time i can afford something is probably in july... and even then, god knows. :crybaby:

    *brainwashes nat to buy the jeanne clutch*. you need to get it hun! i'm sure it'll go well with your fabulous new s&m heels and everyone on TPF would be able to drool over the 2 items and of course, i could try and live vicariously through your purchases (since i'm beyond broke now). it's a real pretty bag.

    and it's fantastic to hear that you're getting on so well with your SAs! that can only mean more dior! :heart:

    p/s the lovely chanel sa in amsterdam showed me my ultimate soft bag but in ALLIGATOR! it was the most beautiful thing i've ever laid eyes on (other than the p.croc 25cm birkin on the hermes shopfront. that was just... love at first sight).
  3. zero baby ! :heart: good to have u back !

    do u remember by any chance what japanese website was that???!!! the prices on Dior online are outrageous...:crybaby:

    hopefully i will get my s/m heels by the end of month...how fantastic is that!!!???:yahoo:

    yes im afraid thats what he said about jeannes ...i suppose he would know .. just one series and extra done even if they sell extremely well ...

    hmm i still need some brainwashing about the clutch ...the price really is outrageous...:shrugs: maybe i need to see it in real... i dont wanna think about it i really need to save money for epi too ... too many options my life is too hard ! :nuts:

    oh and btw i tried on the lovely new Dior sunnies with tear drops on the sides ...i looked fugly...could have predicted it anyway :crybaby:

    *thinks hard rereading zerodross`s post again and again* so do you mean u actually got the ALLIGATOR chanel ???? did u ???? OMG !!!!

  4. heh, unfortunately nat, i have the chanel in the leather version. i didn't even know it came in alligator/croc until i asked the lovely SA about the python tote (aahhh they still have it and it's gorgeous. although the scales are definitely showing signs of lifting at the handles... but it was really too big for me) and she brought out the alligator/croc bag and i was FLOORED. i think i wanted to kneel on the floor and just bow down to the croc since it was THAT gorgeous.

    ahhhh i'm getting all excited about you getting those killer heels! *wishes dior would hurry up so you can get them double quick* and i'm sure those clutches would be in at the same time with your s&m heels so that when you try on the heels and model it around the store with the clutch, you'd be convinced that the two are inseparable and you'd need to buy the clutch. i'm sure the clutch would be a talking piece, plus imagine surprising your boyfriend wearing a trench coat, those s&m heels and carrying the clutch, i'm sure he'd love (and thank) dior for life (if you know what i mean). ;)

    oooh and here's the link to those mini dolly rings on the japanese site (it makes ZERO sense to me... even with google translator, but i like gawking at their hermes and they seem to have a nice selection of dior.)

    (i don't know if this is the mini dolly collection too but it's pretty!)
  5. Oh wow the Dolly stuff is SO cute!!!! I want one of those rings!!!

    Nat: I'm sure you didn't look fugly...It was just that the glasses probably didn't match the way your face was structured. I'm sure that there is bound to be ONE pair out there that is a match made in heaven for you!

  6. gosh i hope ur right May :shame: i tried on like a gazillion sunglasses on Sunday ! i tried Diors, Chanels , Chloes schmoes everything ! will keep searching though wont give up !:sweatdrop:
  7. ^ heh, nat, long shot, but you could try the high-street stores too. i never thought i'd find the perfect pair of shades (cursed flat bulby asian nose) but i finally found one for just 8 pounds at dorothy perkins.

    i'm sure you'll be able to find your perfect pair soon! if someone like me (i.e. everyone goes "omg, you totally look dumb in glasses/frames/sunnies") can find a pair, i'm sure you can too!