Weekend reveal

  1. It's gorgeous! Congratulations:smile:
  2. Lovely scarf and beautiful bag! It's a beautiful mistake. Glad it worked out! :smile:
  3. congrats, lovely scarf n fab SO nevertheless!
  4. sorry to hear your SO wasn't as expected, but I agree it is still a lovely and special piece. Congrats for the new additions!
  5. I agree your original specs sound amazing (I heart craie so much!!) but this bag is gorgeous and SO wearable...congratulations!!!
  6. FANTASTIC MISTAKE!!!! stunning...............................
  7. Thank you so much everyone. All your comments meant a lot to me. It makes me feel better. I am starting to love my SO
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  8. love this mistake! It's stunning!!!
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  9. I know how disappointing that must have been dear.... expecting GM and getting black is a big difference.
    I must say though that I quite love the bag!!! It is such a lovely variation on neutral... and I'm really digging the piping!!!
    Hope u love it!!!!!!!!! I know I do!
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  10. So goregous!
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  11. Thank you. I can't wait to use the bag now
  12. Oh, good! I was thinking, maybe this isn't the bag you chose, but instead you got the bag the H gods chose for you. :biggrin:Hope you love using it!
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  13. I am glad to get a special order offered to me. Thank you
  14. I was a little confused; I can see the SO horseshoe, but at the beginning of the thread #8 you described how you expressed a wish to you SA for black B40 that he said he would try but couldn't guarantee.
    Did you actually go through the SO process or have you just been fortunate to get an SO that was not finally bought?
  15. My SA 1st said the store doesn't order size 40 due to popularity. Then he was able to get me a spot for SO. I was so excited and get crazy with my favorite combination. However H God always has its way to surprise me lol
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