Weekend reveal

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    Went to the store to pick up the Canada anniversary scarf today and my SA surprised me with additional thing
  2. Excited to see what you got!
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    Oh my!!! Constance??? WAG or one track mind??? U be the judge hahahhaaha
  4. here!! open!!
  5. What is it!!!
  6. Here :wave:
  7. To begin, it's the Canadian limited edition scarf
  8. So 4years ago, I have a very back pain and my doctor said I should not carry anymore heavy bag. Also something happened in my personal life which I have to sell my Birkins.
    I though I will never owning another one. Lately I asked my SA, is it possible to get one as my back is much better. He said it will be very difficult as they don't carry 40cm. He said he will try but can't guarantee.
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  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's a Birkin :biggrin:
  10. Here!!! Let's see your new treasure.
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  11. YAY! Can't wait to see your bag! Love the scarf!!!
  12. So here is my SO Birkin with black and GM pipping and stitching and brushes SHW. The SO came in completely wrong though. I have asked for GM as main color and black side panels with Craie white stitching. I'm a bit disappointed with he shown me but my mom said it still look good so I decide to take it. Not prefect but practical.
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  13. its a beautiful SO! and loving your Canadian limited edition scarf
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  14. wow, gorgeous!! congrats!!
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