Weekend Giveaway! Brand New 2006 Louis Vuitton Le Catalogue Maroquinerie! Newest One!

  1. Greetings fellow PF members!

    I have THE SWEETEST LV SA on the planet!:yes: Every time a new Le Catalogue comes out, he reserves not one - but TWO for me! I picked up my two copies this past weekend and have decided to share one with you!:flowers:

    This drawing begins now and a winner will be chosen and announced on Monday afternoon. The winner will get this brand new, 2006 BLUE catalogue and the lovely LV shopping bag that it came in!

    231 pages of PURE LUXURY! All of the lines are in here! Denim, Canvas, Multicolore, Suhali, Epi - and MUCH MORE!

    I've been collecting these books for YEARS and if you've never had the opportunity to get one - start NOW! They are a wonderful reference for any LV lover and not always easy to get.

    I will cover the shipping charge in the US only.

    HAVE FUN and have a wonderful weekend!
    DSCF0003_edited.JPG DSCF0009_edited.JPG DSCF0010_edited.JPG
  2. Im In!!!
  3. You're so right about these books. My SA gave me one last week when I bought my 55 Keepall.
  4. How generous!! Can you put my name into your drawing?

    If I win I will cover the shipping charges :biggrin:
  5. How nice! Thank you!! Can I be included? :heart:
  6. Thanks guys! I've got you all covered!
  7. I'd like to be in please.
  8. Me Too Me Too! :d
  9. Please include my name in your drawing too! :biggrin:
  10. Oh my-I have fallen in love with LV since joining this forum and am excitedly saving up for my first one. I would love the catalogue!

    Please include me-thanks!
  11. Yep! I've got all of you down for the drawing! Thanks so much! ;)
  12. thanks for thinking of us- can you add me in?
  13. Aww.. your SA is so sweet. Please count me in as well ! :biggrin:
  14. i would like to be counted in as well, print*model!
  15. Count me in please:biggrin: