Weekend getaway in Rhode Island or Maine?

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  1. Hey guys! My bf and I wanted to go somewhere just for the weekend and we were looking at either Rhode Island or Maine. I was wondering if you guys knew of a great area where there is a town we could walka round in, a beach nearby, a lot of restaurants, and cute clothing boutiques as well?

    Any suggestions? I am open to any other suggestions of location as well! I am from New York City so we were hoping for no more than a 5 hr drive. Thanks!!
  2. We go to Maine at least once every summer...google the town of Ogunquit. Try the Terrace by the Sea. Great little theater town with really good restaurants and beautiful beaches. Cute little town with an old movie theater and a Ben and Jerry's too. Kennebunkport is near by for a day trip.
  3. I don't know how far Newport, RI would be for you, but that would be my recommendation. It's a cute little town with some shopping, a couple of beaches, and nice restaraunts and bars.