Weekend fun reveal

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  1. So I got my mom the contour Birkin, I have tried to find some charm to decorate it. However my store hardly order charm in. When I saw this new gem stone necklace, I know this is what I'm look for!
    In door picture
    The details
    Love the leather yarn

    I love the color of the gem stone. It pulls the Navy resin out of the bag! It does come in different color, I saw orange and pink as well!
  2. I love these together. Great Job!
  3. Interesting pairing
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Looks great, enjoy.
  6. That's a very different way to dress te bag. Is it heavy?
  7. Beautiful necklace and Birkin :smile:!

  8. Nope...it is very light

  9. Thank you everyone
  10. Very interesting choice -- with the clear edge it matches well with the bag. Your mom must be very happy.
  11. Great idea!
  12. Love the charm/necklace and the B. The color is fantastic!!
  13. Looks great!
  14. You have a VERY lucky mom!!! Beautiful choices.
  15. I love this necklace! And, it is so fabulous as a charm! This is right up my alley:graucho:
    Adore your mod shot, too! Thanks for sharing this with all of us;)