Weekend from Hell....

  1. WEnt to Las Vegas this past weekend for a Bacholorette Party. Talk about having a really horrid time in one of my favorite cities:crybaby: :cursing:

    My friend and I are friend's of the groom, and for some reason, we were invited to the bachelorette party. As excited as we were, I myself was nervous b/c I didn't know anyone except for the bride....

    Anywho...we arrive at the hotel only to find that it is a one-bedroom suite (1-king bed/ 1 sofa bed) for SEVEN girls....SEVEN!!!!!!!!! ($140/per person) To top it off...the other 5 girls claimed the bedroom....

    Fine..whatever...but it wasn't even so much that, it was them making us feel like "why were we invited?" They did their own thing, never asked us to join us to hang out...it's a miracle we were even included in the dinner and dancing portion of the weekend.....:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I just can't believe that they would invite us and then treat us like outsiders...at one point, i considered meeting up with the boys (Bachelor Party) seeing as how they were in Vegas as well...

    Sorry, just had to vent to someone...the only good thing that came out of this weekend was my new burberry jacket :yahoo: Thank god for shopping :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. THat sounds awful. Someone should learn how to host better I guess. =/

    To stay focused on the positive: COngrats on your new burberry! :p
  3. That's pitiful...and quite rude.

    At least you got something fun! :smile:
  4. YIKES those girls sound mean. who are they?? the IN girls in high school?!?!

    but yes thank goodness for shopping!!

    i love vegas. i could just hang out in the hotels and walk around and have coffee!!
  5. Sorry to hear about your weekend :sad:

    Women can be so catty sometimes!!
  6. Yeah...I myself normally do not hang out with girls...but I sucked it up and was like, "it will be fun!"

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how they had no blankets/ pillows for us and no place for us to put our things...sorry...I am just so livid and bitter....
  7. That's horrible! They probably think that it's still ok to act like they are in high school...i remember this happening when I was in 8th grade! Dont sweat it, eventually they'll piss the wrong people off and get what's coming to them for treating you guys so bad...they all do.
  8. Congrats on your purchase. Sorry your weekend was so horrible.
  9. Ugh, how rude of them! At least you got to go shopping?
  10. Some women can be so mean! So sorry you went through that, but they were the ones that look bad and they know it. It was not your fault you were invited and you were kind enough to go even though you did not have to. Congrats on your jacket!
  11. SO rude! That is SUCH a high school thing to do!

    Let me guess: the ones that got the bed were bridesmaids, right?

    Maybe you shouldn't go to the wedding. She might just charge you for your meal or make you clean up afterwards, or something.

  12. LMAO!!! You are probably right....

    The sad thing is that the MOH and 2 other bridesmaids got the bed...the BRIDE slept on the FLOOR!!! :shrugs:

    Evil wenches....
  13. WOW!!!

    is the bride cinderella by any chance? that would all make sense ....

  14. Sorry you had a lousy w/e with these "Girls", can't really call them ladies now can I :nuts:
  15. what a horrid story! :sad: glad you got some shopping done though :smile: