weekend at Paris and than some more...

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  1. Last weekend was our 1oth anniversary, so we went to Paris for a romantic weekend.:heart:
    BF was acting real weird, I could touch him or put my hand on his legs while in the subway...but it was so hot that I didn't had the energy to worry about it.
    We went (window) shopping at Chanel (the reissue dark silver = TDF) and later saw a beautiful purple wallet at Dior. Purple is my favorite color and this thing just couldn't leave my head. That was at Rue Royal. We went for lunch and Starbucks and Gallery Lafayette (don't do it on a Saturday) and to Printemps (love that store) BF bought me the Chanel makeup, Exectionell which I was hunting for. Later we went to Avenue Montaigne and went to Dior again. I saw it again but than in a lighter almost lilac color. But the dark purple just stole my heart. Than BF said I'll buy it as a anniversary present to you:love: What a sweet heart huh??
    To make a long story short: They didn't had it at the boutique and there was only one left in France, @ Rue royal. It was almost closing time and sundays they're closed. The SA send a messenger to pick it up and right before closing time that purple wallet was MINE!!!
    We went to dinner and I really wanted to go back to the hotel. I Was tired and hot:Push:
    But BF really really wanted to see the Eifeltower. We've been to Paris several times now...and I was just to hot and tired to go to the Eifeltower...again. But he really wanted it so we got to our hotel to fresh up and at dusk we were at the eiffeltower. It was beautiful in .... PURPLE!!!:tup:
    But also very bussy and hot. So sat down at a bench and he said...so 10 years huh??
    And I said yeah the 10 best years of my life yes ( I know... I can spoil a romantic moment just like that:shame:smile:
    Than he said: I want to ask you something and he went down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I was crying and said YES offcourse!
    So now were planning a destination wedding. We're getting married at The Wynn and we'll be 3 weeks in USA (NYC, LV and LA)
    After that we're giving a 'small' party for our family and friend who had to mis it.

    The ring was very pretty but not the right size. So I have to wait for it to get resized.
    Here are some pics of the Eifeltower. It really was purple, to bad it doesn't show on the picture

  2. Congratulations!! That is very nice, and what can be better than that, Dior and an Engagement Ring!!

    I love the Wynn, it is my favorite hotel in Vegas....and a beautiful setting for your wedding!
  3. Congrats...wow, what a GREAT proposal story! :girlsigh:
  4. A very lovely weekend ..congrats
  5. Thanks Angel81chick, USCgerl & Mediana!
    I just read my story and I was in such a hurry to type everything down..so excuse all the typo's. I can't edit it anymore!
  6. CONGRATS! you are getting married at the wynn - one of my good friends works there as a wedding planner - if you want her name let me know ;)
  7. Congrats!!! Thats so romantic! Purple is my favorite colour too!!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks Dusty Paws. We've already been in contact with our weddingplanner. Please pm me the info, maybe we're talking about the same person!

    isn't Purple the coolest color ever??!!!
  9. aw congrats!
  10. So sweet of him. Congratulations to you both Yippee.
  11. congratulations!!! Sounds like you had a great time!
    DO you have pictures of the wallet??
  12. Aww, what a wonderful story. So romantic!! :love:

  13. That's such a sweet story :smile:) Paris is such a romantic place!! Congratulations!
  14. :yes: Purple is the BEST colour ever! Most shades of purple i LOVE!