Week old (or less) Accessories - Envelope / MU / CP

  1. A little show case of what I have acquired over the course of the last 7 days starting on Valentines day!


  2. Oh How cutteeee... Black, Sahara BG.. Awesome!!! CONGRATS!!
  3. couplets and indivdual shots



  4. Gorgeous!! :heart:
  5. awesome!!!!!
  6. Oh Jzlyn, did you decide to keep the MU? Lovely collection!
  7. ^ still undecided but may as well take pics since it is sitting in my closet
  8. Nice. There's variety in colours and HG.:tup:
  9. I am insanely jealous esp of the GGH CP!!! GORGEOUS trios!!!
  10. omg so cute!
  11. gorgeous. :heart: ur coin purse :love:
  12. Lovely trios! I :heart: that BG Pink GGH CP!
  13. I love all those colours together. Great photos!
  14. thanks chpwhy, Jira, Alaska, chinkee, sparkle, tofuchan, helenc!

    pink i :heart: your day.... am thinking about picking up a day too if i cant get an EB work

    casper & pinkie i :heart::heart::heart: the little pink thing. it was so cute i just had to have it even though i am not a pink person.
  15. all gorgeous! ~ congrats!