Weeee. I got my yellow epi alma!

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  1. Yay....but a teensy bit dissapointed that the hardware is a little faded. I wonder if I can polish it to make it shiny again?

    Any ideas? :smile:
  2. Gongrats! I don´t think you can actually do anything to the hardware to make it more shiny since it´s not real gold:shrugs: Post a pic of it?
  3. Congrats on the purchase! Is the hardware silver or gold?
  4. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:I think Selena polished her Alma's dull hardware with something (it could have been Brasso but I am not sure).
  5. That´s fantastic if it works! I hope she sees this thread.
  6. Didn't I read about toothpaste somewhere? :confused1:
  7. Brasso would probably be your best bet. I think especially with the older models the hardware was more prone to dulling.
  8. Brasso? Never even heard of it. Where do I get that? Thanks.

    I just got it (at work today--hehe)...I have to wait till this weekend to take pictures since my younger brother hijacked the digital camera. :smile:
  9. You should be able to get Brasso from any hardware store or even Walgreens or places like that. Just don't go to Wal-mart, they are an evil corporation :devil:
  10. Congrats! :balloon: And, yes, use brasso on the hardware to shine it up.
  11. Oooohhh...does she have the purple lining?
  12. Oooh was that the one on ebay? I was drooling over it!! Great choice :o)
  13. Yes it was on ebay...from Kaorich3353. It does have the purple alcantra lining. It's so soft and beautiful! :wlae:

    Just has a slight cigarette odor to it. Gah!
  14. congratulations!! lets see some pictures! oh no about the cigarette odor, yikes! did the ebay auction mention this?
  15. Congrats! I'd love to see pics, the yellow and that shape sound like a delish combo!