Weee Dark Silver 226 reissue is finally arriving...

  1. In 2 days :yahoo::wlae:

    --unfortunately it shipped today from Nordstroms Seattle and wont arrive until Monday morning! But I cant wait--I'm finally going to have the dark silver...I better love it (which Im sure I will)
    *fingers crossed*

    I'm excited about the 226 size too as I find the 227 perfect as a day bag that holds loads of things but the 226 could be great for more evening/dinner outings and I can actually wear it across my body messenger style without it looking huge and covering my whole body :yes:

    Will post pics when it arrives to join my black and gold 227 reissue.
  2. was it at the old price? or new?
  3. My SA contacted me too...i will probably get mine next week. I hope i love it too as i have never seen it IRL. Cant wait to see your pics!!
  4. hi calisnoopy, I just got my dark silver 226 today. i gotta say i LOVE the reissue shape/chain/leather/etc, but it is more bling than I thought. Could we trade notes once you get yours since I am not sure it will be very very wearable--though I know we both live in loopy LA and anything goes!
  5. Can somebody please confirm the price of the 226...i paid for mine today (am in Australia) but it was more than what i thought. Is $2445 the price?
  6. The price for 226 is $2350
  7. Congrats cory!!! I'm glad to hear that! Hey.. How many reissues do you have already? You have the gold too??
  8. no gold...just the black with gold hdw and this dark silver coming in :smile:

    thanks rica!!

    And ldldb--sure I'll take pics and post here and we can discuss this cool bag...

    I actually dont live in LA anymore--moved back to DC for my bf--but will be back home in LA in a couple more years... :smile:

    Im sure its hard to capture pics of this color but from the numerous ones ive seen on here--it looks super hot ;)

    And I paid 2350 plus tax for mine :smile:
  9. hi calisnoopy, I saw your comment about this purse in the other thread too. I'm sorta getting used to the blingin color now, but I 'll wait for discussion with you before making a final decision to keep/return. It is truly a gorgeous purse...just I want to be sure she'll get enough wear at this crazy price--I also had to pay tax! ouch!
  10. Congrats - can't wait to see pics on Monday!!! Loving the dark silver reissue... :yes: :yahoo:
  11. it sounds lovely!~
  12. sorry for hijacking calisnoopy's thread but here's a pic of my dark silver in natural light with no flash...gorgeous bag but i just wish it were a tad darker...can't wait to hear your opinion about the bag when you get it!

  13. Oh ididb, I am in love with the color, I am still waiting for my metallic black 227 to arrive and i am already eyeing on your gorgeous black silver, I am not a bling bling person but dun know why I just fell in love with this one... enjoy!!
  14. ^funny as i would love to see a metallic black to see which is more functional for me. the dark silver is a lot of bling (to me) but it is a gorgeous purse! so hard to decide!
  15. I've already had a dark silver 225, i am so tempted to get a dark silver 227 after seeing all the gorgeous bags in tPF!!!! but i know it is difficult to get dark silver 227 anywhere!