1. New season starts August 14. This is by far one of my favorite shows. Anyone else watch this?
  2. Yes... I watched the whole first season on demand... it was quite good.. I was wondering if it was even going to come back.. but I guess you've confirmed it.

    it really made me want to "penny" someone's car. haha
  3. I absolutely love love love this show - it's actually the show that made me stop watching Desparate Housewives because they had cute wardbrobe (unlike DH) good acting, a FABULOUS storyline (totally unlike DH) and a really kind of underlying dark humor that was just so perfectly paired up with designer bags LOL!
  4. i LOVE it and we're away with no showtime access for two weeks and i am so bummed...i am just hoping my tivo won't let me down so i can watch as soon as we get home!
  5. The greatest word ever: Fakery!
  6. Yay! What a great show!

    btw....anyone know the brand of handbag Mary Louise Parker (Nancy) carries throughout season 1 & 2??? It is tan-brown.

  7. I luv this show. My sister had downloaded the entire first season on her ipod and on the way back from vacation I saw one of the episodes and I was hooked!
  8. My favourite show by far......love it.
  9. One of my favorites too! :biggrin: I'm glad I can watch it on demand and get all caught up.
  10. I love this show! I also watch it "on demand" during school hours, because I dont want my kids watching with me. ( tho I really dont even know when it actually airs!) I think Mary Louise Parker is amazing, as are the characters of Conrad and Helia (sp). I'm afraid narcotics agent/husband is going to cause some real problems in the next episode.
  11. Hubby and I rented the 1st season and just finished it and ordered season 2, I really like it. I love Mary Louis Parker, she's great.
  12. What did you think about the finale?
  13. That was just pure and utter craziness. I watched it again at 10:30 because it was so freakin good.
  14. I just watched it on demand!! That show freaking rocks!!!!! If they dont come back for season three I am going to die!!
  15. They did a commercial after the show was over saying watch out for it in 2007. So it's coming back for sure!!! Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!