WEE WEE on my bag!

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  1. I think it's wee wee! I just washed my bedding the night before. I know it wasn't cat pee, as the spot was huge. Like someone dumped a big glass of water. Not sure is it is wee wee, as it didn't smell. Maybe my dog with Cushing went in her sleep.
    So my Cloud gray MAB, was on my bed, and it got wet in two spots, big spots, small pancake spots. The bag is ruined!!!!!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby:
    I never even used her.
  2. That's why bags & animals should be kept separate.

    Maybe you could send your MAB to LMB?
  3. Yes, send her to LMB. Lynnia bought a Stonewash Black MAB that was completely drenched with salty rainwater. LMB was able to make it good as new!
  4. The spots are almost brown/black. I'll take a pic.
  5. Tigi look up Lynnia's thread on her bag. I promise it will be the best thing you can do to solve your problem.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Looks pretty bad. I have a CG Market Tote. It had a couple smallish spots that I unintentionally made darker trying to clean them with Apple Garde products. This leather is very unforgiving!
  8. Maybe Artbag would be able to help too? Check them both out, so sorry about your MAB!
  9. Should I just dye her black?
  10. Maybe you should see what LMB and Artbag have to say before you do anything super drastic like that.
  11. Please don't dye that lovely CG MAB with siggy hw! Please send the above pic to LMB and see if they can help.
  12. I agree. Try LMB first.
  13. NO! - Dont' dye it black!
    LMB can work wonders!
  14. Cost? I've heard its costs a lot of moo la. I got her cheap for 215 shipped.
  15. Even if you dye it, the urine will still be there. You should have it cleaned.