Wednesday, Wednesday, Oh how I love thee. *PICS

  1. My babies are here!! My new Blue India '06 City and '07 Sienna Twiggy! Here's some pics! Enjoy!!:wlae:

    BI city indoors with flash:
  2. They're both gorgeous especially your BI! Congrats Pinay!
  3. Love, love, love that Sienna!
  4. Blue India is so beautiful... your City is just gorgeous. I like how it takes on slightly different tones depending on lighting.

    And Sienna has to be my favourite brown - so lovely as a Twiggy! Loving the red undertones.

    Congratulations! Two beauties in one day. :flowers:
  5. I love your BI.:nuts: Gorgeous. :drool:Congrats.:yahoo:
  6. Both are so pretty! I love how squooshy the Twiggy looks. And the different shades to the BI in the different light, as hmwe says, are just stunning. I see why you like Wednesday!!
  7. Yay!!! Congrats pinaygirl!!! :yahoo: Both are stunning and have beautiful leather!!! :drool:

    Your BI is TDF!!!! It's my favvvvvvvv Bal blue! ITA with Cheshire, the Sienna has gorgeous red undertones! :heart:

  8. cOngrats on your 2 new beautys!!! Love the Sienna... one of my fav browns so far.. :tup:
  9. Both of them look really pretty with amazing leather! That is the first picture that I have seen of a Blue India that I have gone "Wow!" at the color!
  10. thanks oogiewoogie (cute avatar!),redney, kimberf, nanaz, cat, ahertz, malleysmama! now i'd like to get your opinion on apple garde. I don't want BI to fade too quickly and I want to know if apple garde will help in preventing so. ?:confused1::confused1:
  11. :drool::drool:
  12. Thanks Iluvhandbags! I love it, it's looks almost teal.:yahoo:
  13. ^she's right - WOW! Love your BI - it looks like really nice leather. You're going to love it. The Sienna twiggy is great too - it's a great brown that will go with everything, not too dark, not too light!
  14. Thanks alisonanna! I'm soo pleased with them both!:heart::heart::heart:
  15. pinaygirl, I have not treated any of my bags, including my BIs, with Apple Guard. I am worried about the product affecting the color.