Wednesday Night Reveal...

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  1. Ok, finally unwrapped my new goody! She's getting a baby sister tomorrow, stay tuned for Part II.
    My parents said they wanted to get me an LV since I'm turning 40 this year (in Dec., but c'mon, there's a price increase coming), so I went ahead and got this here in HI, where prices are lower than the mainland. Wish I'd known that before!
    So...any guesses? I went in for the Montana in RI but it was too loud for me.
  2. Here!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Exciting! Lets see!!
  5. So after I decided against the Montana, I was going to get the Rose Angelique (I think? It was pale pink), but my DH said it was too "old lady", so instead, here's what I got:

  6. Very pretty and I love the hardware on this bag. Congrats!
  7. So nice. Congrats. Is that an extra dust bag for the strap? Did you ask the SA for one?
  8. OMG! We're bag twinsies! I'm in love with mine. Congrats!! So exciting!
  9. Lovely! Congratulations!
  10. Very lovely! Congrats!
  11. Thanks you SarahJSee, For3v3rz, TooManyWantMore, LVMommy & Farris2!!!

    It came with the bag; I was surprised too.
  12. I sold the SullyPM (which I and orig owner never used) so I have some credit with DH and will get a Zippy tomorrow in Noir as well.
  13. They are supposed to include the dust cloth for vernis/shiny leather items. I got one for my Prune Electrique Pont Neuf.
  14. Hawaii's LV prices are awesome including our lower sales tax. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats and enjoy :smile: