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  1. Do u girls think wedges will be out soon???
  2. I think it depends with what you wear them with. I have three pairs, but only two of them do I really see myself wearing this fall. Some magaines say they are out, but since they are so comfortable I think they will be around for awhile. Regardless, I'll probably keep all three pairs.
  3. I certainly hope not because they're so comfy!!!
  4. thanks for the replies.
  5. I sure hope not...I LOVE THEM!!
  6. OMG I have wedges from 5 years ago and ten years ago. They are wearable and will be around. Seems like fashion is more forgiving now.
  7. I hope not either, b/c this year alone I have invested in quite a few. Most are for spring/summer, but I did buy a couple of pairs that I plan on wearing with pants in the fall.
  8. i love wedges!! i have a pair of gold Enzo Angiolini ones that i get so many compliments about. i don't think wedges will be out any time soon.
  9. Gosh I hope not. I have so many pairs.
  10. ITA. Great shoes are never out of style!
  11. I don't think that wedges will ever go out of style because they are a practical and comfortable alternative to heels, especially as a casual daytime shoe for the summer. But they may not be as popular as the past few seasons. Last fall, wedges were designed by most houses, I have not seen the same focus for this fall. But I think that if you love them, wear them! I certainly will be.
  12. I certainly hope not! They are better for your arches and balance your weight better than stilettos. Plus I just bought some.:upsidedown:
  13. No way. Totally out. I don't know why on this one ... some fashion instinct that's bugging me about wedges in the last few weeks.
  14. i hope not. but even if they are I will still wear them. can't get enough of wedges.
  15. I noticed this too... I'm seeing more heels again for fall; especially from the high designers. I plan on wearing them anyway. They seem to be one of those things that keep coming back... I had some in the early 90s and a pair in the late 90s.