1. Those are fabulous! I've wanted these forever... can I ask how the sizing ran for you? They never seem to pop up in a size even close to me :sad:

  2. Can someone please id the black and gold stud ones on page one?
  3. I'll play too!
    My D&G
    Camilla Skovgaard Saw Wedge Boots
    BCBG Wedge Boots
    BCBG Wedges
    [​IMG] (Dont mind the dirty mirror)
  4. ^OMG! those BCBG wedges (both of them) :love:
  5. My absolute fave are the Fendi Fantasia, does anyone have them and know if they run TTS and any recommendations on where to get them at a good price? Was thinking of waiting till sales, I love them so much, I know I have seen them posted on this forum by someone as well.
  6. CANNOT live without wedges! At 5'2", I wear them just about everyday.

    Just got a pair of Kurt Geiger Dinos

    Huge Acne fan as well (own the atacomas) - has anyone seen the Acne Admire wedges lately? I was holding out for sale prices and ended up missing them. now there are just fakes galore on eBay - boo! :sad:
  7. Most of my shoes are wedges, just love them! I just ordered this Nude & black, I hope they're as comfortable as they look. I might keep both.:smile:
  8. Recently bought Gucci Wedge Pumps, and I love them. So comfy.


  9. Ohhhhh....what brand are these please????
  10. REPORT SIGNATURE from Shopbop
  11. ^thank you :smile:
  12. :bump:

    My love of wedges started in 2011.

    These are my only Wedge shoes and i love them.

    First pair is from a UK clothing store named Evans,
    They are Leather with a Man Made Wedge.






    My second pair is the Stuart Weitzman Alex Wedge in Khaki :love:

    These came today (10th/01/2012) and i can't wait to wear them.





    These 2 will not be my last wedges :graucho:
  13. i just bought this Coclico Morphos Wishbone wedge...can't wait for the summer!:biggrin:

  14. I love wedges! these are my current favorite

    SW encore
  15. hello guys! I'm looking for black wedged boots. I just don't find a nice pair! they shouldnt be very expensive so no brands like louboutin and they shouldn't be higher than 9 cm (3.5)

    Please help me :sad: