Weddings gifts - how much?

  1. I was just wondering how much people thought was appropriate to give to a couple for their wedding gift. They've requested gift cards, so the amount will be shown. We've friendly, but I would say that I see them 3-4x a year, so not close friends. We're also all attorneys recently out of law school, if finances should be taken into consideration.

  2. between 100-200 dollars I say.... if you are part of the wedding team, it may be bigger..
  3. It depends. Close friends I've given $300. Do what you feel you can do. I'm sure anything you give will be appreciated.
  4. $75-100
  5. $100+ is what I give for weddings depending on how close I am to the couple (obviously family gets more than coworkers, etc.). I almost choked on my drink when a coworker said she only gives $30 at weddings because she doesn't think weddings aren't that big of a deal.
  6. I think it's more a case of not what you should give, but what you feel you can afford.
    If that happens to be only $10, or as much as $300 then so be it - it really is the thought that counts.:flowers:
  7. I like giving gifts better, especially from a registry cause that gives your guests and friends choices based on what they can give. Part of a wedding party, I have given $300 (with my BF) for the wedding and more for the bridal shower gift. If it's a close friend, I wouldn't think twice about $300 or so even if I'm not part of the bridal party. For just a friend, maybe $100 or so.
  8. I try to cover the cost of our dinners and then add another $200. If it's a close friend or relative I give another $500.
  9. usually the gift covers the cost of each guest... plus a little extra.

    So if the wedding is $150 a head... and you bring a guest, then $300 + whatever amount you feel comfortable giving.

    but knowing how much the wedding costs is actually hard to find out wthout asking directly.
  10. I think you should do what you feel comfortable with. I know my standards sort of change depending on many factors: who's getting married, where their wedding is, like if I have to spend $1000 traveling to get to a wedding that may impact my gift, and my personal finances at the time.
  11. We've usually give a combined total of $150. But we usually never attend the actual wedding or reception (we live far away from family & friends)
  12. we usually spend around fifty on people we don't know very well or are just occaisionally friendly with. for close friends and family it's around between 100 and 200. the shower gift is usually another 25 to 50 (although with shower gifts we often go in with other couples/friends to get something bigger)

    presents are really about the thought and what you can personally afford. we're young and still building our own newlywed life...hopefully when we're older we can give more. :smile: i personally don't think the gift should be impacted by the type of wedding...i would give the same amount for an afternoon dessert buffet as a blacktie affair (not that anyone i know throws those hehe). it was the couple's decision to throw such a big party.
  13. i really enjoy giving gifts for all occasions. i am not fond of being pressured to give certain gifts or cash. i am usually much more generous when left on my own to select what the gift will be.

    i don't understand people equating the cost of the wedding with the amount of money one gives or spends on a gift. i think of it like giving a party. i don't invite anyone and expect them to pick up the tab. i think it is good to be as generous as you feel you can afford and give with good intentions and hopefully the couple will appreciate your effort.

    for young adults just starting out i don't think you need to break the bank. when i married i had no expectations as to what we would receive and was grateful to have my friends and family present gift or not.

    just my opinion and i respect everyone else's thoughts on how they give. queen:yes:
  14. Thanks so much for the opinions ladies. I haven't been to a wedding in awhile so I was just wondering. I would have loved to give a present but they didn't register for anything and have asked for gift cards, so I'm complying with their wishes.
  15. Anywhere from $100-200