wedding wardrobe disaster

  1. A good friend of mine is getting married October 7th. It's just a small wedding but she still wants the traditional wedding with bridemaids and a dress. She's having 3 bridesmaids, with me being the Maid of Honor. She was going to put us all in the same dress, but one girl (who I don't know) hates everything the bride wants to put us in. So the bride how now told us to wear what we want. I really don't know what to wear now. Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to spend a lot because I'm afraid the wedding could be called off because she's already divorced this guy once and now they're getting remarried. Also it needs to be black. :shrugs:
  2. oooh Alison, that is a tricky situation ;)

    I cannot believe one girl has complained, it is NOT her wedding, and she should not really have a say in what she is wearing, it is the brides special day after all.

    I think you should maybe go for a strapless, cocktail style dress, as that way, you can wear it again for many things, and in black, it is much harder to tell that you have not spent a fortune on it ;)

    This type of shape springs to mind, and its gorgeous :smile:

    any more help, just let us know
  3. Hi alison, moxy73 (in a thread of hers) found some reasonably-priced and pretty black dresses on Macys. You might also care to check out Ann Taylor.

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  4. Saw this in this month's issue of Real Simple and was wowed by it! You can wear it as a skirt, a strapless dress, or a halter dress, so you needn't be stuck with something you'll never wear again.

    Solid Convertible Tie-Waist Skirt: Norma Kamali for Spiegel