Wedding Themes

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm in need of some inspiration for wedding themes. I wanted to go with 'tiffany blue' but some people thinks it's totally tacky :sad: anyone has any suggestions/ideas? :idea:
  2. I think "Tiffany Blue" would be pretty if it's not in complete excess. And maybe not having "Tiffany & Co" plastered everywhere. But I do love that color. It's such a pretty and classic and iconic blue.
  3. I agree with frannie... also, you could do two classic colors, nothing too over the top.. like white and red or red and gold..
  4. I went with just red. I carried red roses. My bridesmaids wore their own black dresses (the wedding started at 6pm) and they carried off white and red bouquets. It was all very understated but classy. The flowers on the tables were red arrangements too.
  5. I love the 'winter wonderlnd' theme without looking Christmasy :biggrin: Incorporate crystals with different white/ivory flowers.
  6. What months is your wedding? Mine is in July and we are having a beach/nautical theme. The ceremony is on the beach, the bridesmaids are wearing powder blue, the men are wearing tan suits. The tables will have all white linens with white rose centerpieces. They will have real starfish of all different types and sizes scattered on the tables around the centerpieces and the cake table.
  7. I was thinking of having a combination of tiffany blue and white. Perhaps a tiffany cake ala whitney houston (was it whitney?) and the same color for the bridesmaid dresses.

    I love that 'red' theme but I'm looking more of a pale color.
  8. I don't think the Tiffany theme is tacky at all. (Maybe when asked, though, tell people the theme is robin's egg blue and white.)

    Get bridesmaids dresses that blue color and have them carry white roses.

    Maybe not have the cake actually look like Tiffany's boxes, but you could have a white cake with that shade of blue ribbon.
  9. It was Toni Braxton:

  10. Don't slay me for this but I think the "Tiffany" theme is EHHH. It seems like trying to hard to show you have money or class. SORRY! :s If you like that shade then my advice is to stay away from anything that looks like a tiffany box or says Tiffany & Co.

    However, I adore the understated elegance of a red and black wedding as some described above.

    It you prefer a lighter shade then just choose your favorite shade and add either white with silver or ivory with gold. Keep in mind that a slight ivory tone flatters more skintones than white.
  11. :yes:
  12. Are you planning to have a wedding planner? They are a MUST for any wedding! They can help you come up with a "theme" that fits your individual style!
  13. At my old job I worked with weddings. There was one that was really pretty with robins egg/tiffany blue, brown and white. I thought it looked really elegant. I think the flowers were mostly greens & whites, they looked nice against the blue. The brown was just in the accents minimally, so it wasn't lots of brown.
  14. That really sounds beautiful!!
  15. I would love to be the color of my wedding to be YELLOW. All YELLOW. hehe!