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  1. Alright ladies, a bunch of us are getting married soon so I thought it would be fun and helpful to have a thread for all of us to get together and chat!!

    I'm sure you all know me already, (I'm Missie!!) and my Fiance's name is Rey. Our wedding is going to be in Hawaii and the big day will be on July 1, 2011 (Our 6th year anniversary, 6 is his favorite number and my lucky number).
  2. I don't have anything to put in your topic - but your user name is WILD!
  3. Hi Missie!:smile: Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Love all the meaning behind your date!

    I'm Collette and my fiance is Kevin. He proposed on Christmas and we are now planning an outdoor wedding for Sunday, October 10, 2010. :heart: The main reason I like the date is that it will be easy for him to remember!
  4. Hi, I'm Kristin. My fiance is Steven. We got engaged on Christmas too! Our wedding date is October 23rd, 2009. The date is kindof special because it is my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary! And, I have sooo much to do still!!! Eek!
  5. Ooooohh here I am! We're getting married on the 15th! Our 5-year anniversary was in January and this wedding has been planned in about four weeks! We've been engaged for soooo long (Oct 2007) and **** just kept happening to keep getting married being the last thing on our minds. But then my grandma sent me her wedding band (not her original one, she had it made by a friend 25-30 years ago) and it got me thinking two things - what the hell are we waiting for and we better get married before I lose anyone else.

    So here we are! We're getting married in a park in Ft. Lauderdale - was originally gonna do the beach but I decided I liked the park better!

    I was trying so hard to avoid becoming one of those women who does not talk about anything but her wedding but I am two weeks away, I can babble for a little while!
  6. I remember reading that thread!! I'm so excited for your wedding!! Did you ever figure out where you two were going to have your venues?? :confused1: And why is this date easy for Kevin to remember in comparison to other dates?? Any special meaning??
  7. Aww, how did he propose?? Thats crazy how you and Colette got engaged on the same day and are getting married so close to each other!! I love that you guys are going to share you're grandparent's anniversary!! Are they excited about that?? Have you chosen your dress yet??
  8. Babble away hun!! I'm really impressed you pulled this outta ya ass so fast!! You're like a wonder-woman bride!! Ever finish your chair rentals??
  9. Congrats! I love that we got engaged on the same date! I want to hear how he asked too!

    It was def. a popular day- I've been to quite a few bridal expos over the last two months and it seems like everytime a vendor asked when I got engaged and I said on Christmas- there would be another girl within earshot that would be like "OMG ME TOO!! WOOHOOH!" lol :p
  10. Aww, thats a very sweet story! Outdoor weddings are the best too, you can't beat natural lighting for pics. :smile:
  11. Thanks! He is just not good with dates, so it being 10/10/10 should make it easier I think LOL. I just liked the date, plus October is going to be good weather-wise for our honeymoon destinations (Paris, the Maldives and Ireland! :yahoo:) and I love fall colors. We picked 2010 so I'd have time to rack up 3 wks of vacay time from work, and I am FINALLY graduating in May 2010 so it will be great timing for us!

    We are still venue shopping but I think we've found the perfect place, an old mansion with beautiful grounds for an outdoor ceremony. I know I will be a mess worrying about the weather but I just love outdoor ceremonies!
  12. ^I like spring colors too though, ugh! I am kind of iffy about an october wedding in MI since it can be cold (average is between 40-60 degrees) it's such a gamble, but I do love the date!

  13. My grandparents were thrilled with the idea! They have been so happy for so many years. We just thought it'd be perfect.

    The proposal couldn't have been more perfect. I was really caught off guard. I knew we were going to be getting engaged at some point soon, but I was thinking mybae my birthday (which was in Feb.) Anyway, so we wake up Christmas morning and my son opens his presents and starts playing with all of them. Then, very casually, DF says that he bought an ornament for the tree. He said he already put it on there and asked me if I could find it. I thought this sounded fishy. I started looking and I spotted my engagement ring hanging on the tree from a piece of tinsle. :nuts: I gasped and turned around and he was on one knee and asked if I would spend my life with him. :heart: Just perfect!!

    I do not have a dress picked out yet :tdown: I just haven't found the perfect one yet. Still going back and forth with 2 different wedding locations. But we do have the caterers, decorater and photographer. And we have picked the cake yet but we know where we are going to get it from.
  14. ^^ Awww I love that!!! What a sweet and creative proposal!
  15. My uncle dealt with it thankfully - he doesn't have kids and I've always been his favorite anyway so he's sooo excited, both that I am getting married and that I am marrying someone who he actually likes :biggrin:

    I got a veil today! I wasn't gonna but I saw one that I thought was super cute so I just bought it - I kinda think a lot of veils look like alien growths on brides' heads but this one is pretty low-key - short, one tier, simple beaded edge! And I went out with my MIL for hair trims and to Sephora - if you want people to fawn all over you go to a salon and Sephora and announce you are getting married :tup::tup::tup:
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