Wedding Shower Gift

  1. :sos: I need help. :sos:
    I have a wedding shower to attend (my boss' daughter:shame: ) and I'm not sure what would be a good gift that would be useful but also memorible. What have you given or received that you felt was a nice gift with out breaking the bank. The wedding is next month so if you have more than one idea just let me know. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Do you know the theme of the shower? I find cookbooks are a pretty good option.
  3. Have you checked the registry? I think for a shower that is the best way to go, unless you are super close and pick something out more special... but there's a reason people register for things - because they're things they need and would really like to receive!
  4. Yes, registry is always the best way to go. If not I gave some friends some pieces from Tiffany and they were a hit!
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. I really think the registry is the way to go, even if you know someone pretty well. Almost everything that I got for my wedding that was "special" didn't go with my decor, wasn't my style, or whatever, and I either took it back or gave it to goodwill. The urge to get something unique and memorable is nice, but really, just get what they register for, because that is what they want.
  7. I always shop from the registry and try to form some sort of theme for shower gifts. So you get the "uniqueness" you're looking for in a gift while still getting the bride something that they'll like and use. For instance I've given in the past all of the barbeque items they registered for and found red picnic style ribbon and kitchen towels to bring it all together and then I gave them the bbq for their wedding gift. Another person I gave them a coffee maker they wanted and then I painted some mugs with their initials on it at Color Me Mine and gave them a ton of other coffee related items in a basket. I've done a champagne theme gift - they wanted flutes and the bucket and I got them a nice bottle of champagne to go with it.
    You can make it special with a little effort while getting them something that they'll love and use.
  8. I agree with those who suggested the registry. However, if you don't want to take that route, I've been to a couple of wedding showers for friends and have purchased silver photo frames from Things Remembered. For each friend, I had the frames engraved with the bride's and groom's names on the frame, along with the wedding date. You don't have to go that far, but Things Remembered does have beautiful frames that won't break the bank ;)
  9. I did check the registery and I guess I'll get them somthing of that list. Thanks for your comments.
  10. As a shower gift for the last wedding I went to, I made Bathroom Baskets for the reseption, for her. They were a huge hit and at the wedding everyone was asking the bride where she got the idea and how much they really liked having those 911 needs on hand.
    Mens included: Those floss toothpick things, band aids, spray deoderant, gum, mints, listerine pocket paks, kleenex,hand sanitizer..ect.
    Womans Included: clear nail polish,nail files,safefty pins,small sewing kit,tampons, pads, pantyliners,and all the other things listed in the mens basket.
    I then went to Michaels craft store bought pretty scrapbooking paper that matched the wedding colours and med sized silver frames and printed out the little verse. Each wicker backet had some ribbon around it in their colours and the womans had a few silk flowers in it to.
    philosiphy has a bridal kit with some really nice products in it that you could order too.

    As a wedding gift I buy everyone the Harmony bowl from Tiffany's. It's beautiful and simple enough to go with everyones decor and looks just amazing with something as simple as apples on the kitchen table in it.
  11. So happy you are here to share our special day
    But should something happen to go astray
    Please help yourself to the contents within
    Breath mints, Band Aids and even Aspirin
    Use only what you need and leave the rest
    It may be useful to another guest
    So repair the damage that may have been done
    Then hurry on back and join the fun
  12. I just remembered both baskets had aspirin, tums and imodum in them and the womans had bobby pins and hand lotion too.