Wedding/Shower Gift Rec

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    I need a little advice! My sister is getting married in the upcoming months. I REALLY want to get her a SLG for the wedding/honeymoon, etc. My mom wants to go in on it, half.

    I was thinking of the travel wallet, but didn't know if anyone had any other fun suggestions - like a clutch, etc?? We are looking to spend around $2K.

    The OTHER consideration for me is that if we do this, we probably aren't looking at getting them a big wedding present -- in fact, we might end up having to do something more sentimental, like a scrap book / album type of thing. If we do this plan, this is "it."

    Their wedding is going to be huge and everyone is buying off the registry … I'm sort of less tempted to do this because I really want to do something sentimental. At the same time, if we do this SLG, are we like, totally cutting out her fiancé from the gift?? My sis says no (I already sort of told her this plan), but I just feel like I need a little guidance. So, the two questions are:

    1. Is this a good idea?
    2. If so, what should we get her?

    Thanks, TPF!!!
  2. DH never minds... that means an expense he doesnt have to spend later on... :smile: (what my DH would say...)

    AND I'm sure your sis will put it to good use!

    WOC for that price? or a few items so it seems like she is opening up a lot more presents? wallet, plus small items...
  3. I vote for WOC. I temd to grab my WOC over anything else. Someone just posted a red quilted woc in the find thread. A travel wallet is nice but she'll still need to get a handbag for it.
  4. I vote for a WOC as well! :]
  5. I think I WOC is a great idea too. She can use it as a bag or she can stuff the chain in and use it as a wallet in a larger bag:smile:) I like the idea of a sentimental gift for the wedding present itself then!
  6. WOC or mini.... But mini skittle higher than 2000..... WOC is perfect for honeymoon and traveling.... Check out authentic finds threads if you think she likes the boy style better jump on those soon bc they will sell out!!!
  7. *little not skittle!! Lol
  8. OK GREAT! I am super excited about this idea!!! I think that WOC is also amazing -- I sort of was only thinking of the travel wallet because she's traveling internationally for the honeymoon, and I like the passport holder, but that's pretty much the only feature I was considering! LOL!

    Thanks for everyone's advice!!!!!

  9. Woc comes at several price points. You can also get a timeless woc at 1500-1600 if you can find one now, and still have enough for a card holder :smile:
    I truly think WOC will be great for her travels and her honeymoon :smile:
    Will you be my sister too? ;)
  10. What's the going rate on the WOC? $1,750.00?

  11. Pre increased price for quilted is 1775. Boy woc is 2100. Timeless woc is 1500. Half moon is 1500. But someone mentioned NM already raised it on quilted?
  12. I heard someone say that Nordstrom already raised the price from 1750 to 2100 but I'm not 100 percent sure!
  13. +1!! Nice present!
  14. love the idea of a WOC!!!! she will love it!!! :biggrin: let us know how we can help track one down for you ;)
  15. I vote for the WOC too! Great bag and many uses. It is my go to bag when I am sight seeing.