wedding shoes

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have only just discovered this subforum on tPF and love it!I 've found it just in time as I am starting to look for my wedding shoes and wanted you stylish ladies to share your opinions with me please...My dress will have quite a lot of detail, so I thought I should go simple with the shoes...
    My finds / ideas so far are:



    Thanks in advance!
  2. forgot to say - my fiance is quite a bit taller than me, so ideally I would like to make up for it;)
  3. oooh pretty!! They're all so gorgeous! My favorite are the cls, but I think the silver is dressier than the nude. My pick would be the silver jcs.

    Do you usually wear slingbacks well? I wore jc jasmins for my wedding, and after a few hours, the strap would fall off my heel. As I walked, it made flip flap noises. I wish I'd worn a pump or d'orsay.

    eta: Congrats on your wedding!!
  4. Just out of curiosity, what are your wedding colors? I think it looks nice having a pop of color under a long white dress. Otherwise, all of them are super beautiful but I'm leaning towards the CLs because you would be able to wear them again.
  5. I know exactly what you mean with slingbacks,that was my biggest worry as I normally have the same problem with them falling of my feet...i was kind of hoping these would hold well:Pbut not sure...
  6. My colours will be white,plum purple and lime green,my dress will be ivory(can't do white)...I was considering purple shoes...don't know if I'm that brave lol
  7. ^ Imagine how purple shoes would look in the pictures though! So dramatic!!
  8. Imagine these peeking out from under your dress, especially if you maybe wove a tiny bit of lime-green ribbon on the knot:

  9. Scratch my suggestion, those are actually brown. The Saks website has them listed as such.
  10. still they are TDF even in brown:heart:...I think this Saturday when I go wedding dress shopping I might take my purple stilettos with me to get an idea...
  11. just thought i ask how CLs and Jimmy Choos fit, cause I might end up having to buy them online...
  12. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

    I tried those Jimmy Choos on in person (the second pinkish pair), and for what it's worth, it was NOT flattering at all. Kind of squished and not comfy. Also, if you are going to be on your feet a lot, you don't want your feet to swell too much and press up against all those straps.

    What about some YSLs? I find them to be very stylish, comfortable, and very very pretty. These retail for close to $700, and you can buy them online. I'm sure the boutiques have more selection.

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  13. The last CL shoe is beyond hard to find. You might be able to special order it, but it takes a while for it to come it. Special orders are retail, which on that shoe is around $798 plus 30% and shipping.
    I am getting married next April & I am also looking for a wedding shoe....even though I dont have a dress yet lol.....Im in love with CL, but I do think Rene Caovilla has AMAZING shoes & very detailed. Perfect wedding shoes.
  14. I actually have a similar pair like the JCs and yes you are right,your feet do get swollen wearing them with all those straps...I think they'd also make my legs look short (that is using them with short dresses / skirts later on)
    Those tributes are lovely,I will have look around for those too.Iit is ironic really as I very nearly bought a pair of purple ones last year...:P
  15. Congrats on you wedding!I am getting married next august lolol!!! And I don't have dress either even though I am very nearly decided on it as I found someone who is going to get it for me as it is from 2007 and difficult to find...just going to try a few on before I make definite decision...Better be prepared than sorry:tup:

    I couldn't resist looking at your CL collection - it's beautiful:heart:
    I've noticed you have some slingback style pieces there - do you find they fall of your heels..?And what size do you usually go for compared to what size you're normally?