Wedding shoes... reccomendations

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  1. Hi

    Im getting married in vegas in oct, just chose my dress yesterday now im onto the shoes.

    Im 5.9ish and my partners slightly shorter so need some heels but not high, dont want to look like a giant on my wedding day.

    Im thinking kitten heels, 3" or less, seen a few shoes but nothing that makes my heart sing.

    Anyone any reccomendations? Not interested in anything choo or louboutin has to offer.

    Im really thinking valentino rockies in white with a kitten heel lol ( strange i know) but i want something thats going to look sexy under the dress ( my dress kinda comes over the shoe anyhow) plus i might use them at night with a short white dress to hit the city in.

    What do you guys think?? Too much?? Any suggestions??

  2. I think the rock studs are really cute and if you know you'll wear them again, why not? I don't know how rough the studs are, but make sure they don't catch underneath your dress.
  3. They are quite rough...

    Good point.. may have to rethink x
  4. I was contemplating Rockstuds for my wedding dress too, now I wonder if they'll catch, my dress isn't poufy at all but I guess it could still catch?
  5. Whatever u choose u should make sure u can wear them again!!! I wore stuart weitzman (sp) flat sandals since i got married at the beach, and i love the height difference between my hubby and me, and heels just arent me, but i wore them so much i wore holes thru them! Every time i got compliments it was so fun to say thx! Theyre my wedding shoes! Ppl were always surprised to learn that they werent wasting away in a box somewhere. Fun memories
  6. I love my Valentino killed heels and that's definitely a style you'll get lots of use from as they look fabulous with jeans, skirts, dresses, pants...they are very versatile and comfortable. They come in a pretty metallic, which may be a nice option. Also, Gianvitto Rossi and Aquazzura are both great designed with many styles from which to choose. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  7. Aquazzura would be cute. Specifically the Wild Thing has some flair and it comes in a lower block heel as well.
  8. I was thinking about doing rockstuds for my wedding because I love the kitten heel and the fact that I'll wear them again and again. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Make sure you wear your shoes around before the big day. Practice walking and be confident you will be comfortable. I even took a cheese grader to the bottom of my shoes to make sure I didn't slip lol
  10. The Rockstuds are beautiful and would make fabulous wedding shoes, even better that you could wear them again afterwards :smile: