Wedding shoes – please help!

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  1. So I'm getting married next year. :yahoo:

    I know, I know, I'm pretty early, but I figured, now is the big summer shoes sale, so if I want a high end designer shoe for my wedding, I'd probably have to get it now if I want to save…

    I'll be wearing a shorter dress, because I love shoes and I want them to be the special part on my outfit.

    I love love love Lanvin, and these shoes are on sale right now. I don't own anything like it and want to treat myself to some great designer shoes.

    Question: do you find them too high for a wedding?
    I'm not wearing heels that often, and I guess I will be up on my feet all day… I don't want to wear flats, but I'm not sure if these aren't a bit too high (and the heel is thin!).

    What do you guys think?

    Also, I'd rather have the bright pink ones because I might wear them later on (don't look too bridy). Is that too much color?

    And finally, if you have any other suggestion… I love feminine, playful kinda shoes.


  2. As for the color I think that you should pick whatever will make you happy. If the shoes make you smile every time you see them then it shouldn't matter what color they are - plus I think pink is perfectly acceptable for a wedding.

    The heel height issue is another thing. I would be okay in a shoe like this, but if you're not used to wearing heels at all this looks like a big jump for an all day event. The good news is you have a year to get used to them! If the store you want to get them from has a return policy then I would say to buy them and wear them around the house as much as possible before the return policy is up. If they fit and are just a tad uncomfortable, you'll have plenty of time to break them in. If they are just plain painful, you can return them and look for a new pair.

    Good luck in your search and congratulations!
  3. I think they are adorable. I think you will have a problem with the heel height, though. I think even seasoned heel wearers can have issues at weddings with high heels just because you are literally on your feet all day. I would recommend a 3" heel tops... or just get a REALLY cute pair of flats/sandals as a backup. That's what I did--my heels are 3.5" and I know I won't be able to wear them the whole night. I have a pair of flip flops for a backup just in case!! Of course I will make sure to have the cute heels on when important photos are taken (such as the garter shot).
  4. Thank you both for your great input!

    I think I will go for them, as Nico pointed out, I should get what makes me happy – and I will learn to walk in them until my wedding day… the backup idea is great, too and I guess inevitable – plus, that way I can get TWO pairs for one occasion… :graucho::biggrin:

    So thank you both!
  5. Hi Jennytalula! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :smile: I am sure you will be a beautiful bride. The Lanvin shoes you choose are gorgeous (actually tried these on last weekend in NY, but unfortunately they didn't have my size and the size up was just too big). One thing to consider about your wedding is pictures....agree that you should buy the pair that you love and makes you happy (they are both beautiful and you will get lots of wear out of either pair :smile: ). Our daughter changed out of her wedding dress into a darling short dress (kind of a mini shift) for the reception and also changed her shoes, that might be another option to consider. Whatever you chose, have a wonderful amazing day! Best to you and your groom :smile:.
  6. Thanks tikiandbabu, so sweet! If you tried them on, can you tell me if they run true to size? I'm ordering them online and was wondering how they run (the site states they do run TTS). I'm still not 100% sure on the heel because it is so thin, but I love everything else (especially the bow)…
  7. You're welcome jennytalula! The Lanvin shoes shown in the picture above run TTS. Also, they are really comfortable so I honestly think you will be okay wearing them all day, just practice, practice, practice :smile: you definitely want to be graceful on your big day!
  8. I think that if you order them and have a chance to wear them around the house, you will be able to judge where they might rub or irritate and take precautions with gel pads or other things to help with comfort. Honestly, I wore the highest heels I've ever worn to my wedding (although they were boots), and my feet just went numb. I walked and danced all day and night in them and never realized until I took them off how much they had hurt my feet. My feet recovered, and I am so glad I wore the shoes I loved for my wedding, so I definitely think you should go for it if those are the shoes your heart is set on!
  9. Ok people you got me! I just ordered them –*I can still return them if they don't turn out the way I want them to be…! I just so wanted a pair of Lanvin heels for my wedding because I think they make the dreamiest designs… but I could never afford them full price. So yay!
  10. I agree that you should get whatever shoes will make you happy on your wedding day!

    One suggestion for all of you brides who are going to have back up flip flops or flats: remember that your dress will be hemmed to fit you with the first pair of shoes on, so be extra careful after you change shoes (or get some platform flip flops). I say this as someone who tripped on her own dress. Twice. Going down the aisle.
  11. Oh no! I hope the dress survived (and you didn't fall!)…

    I plan on wearing a short wedding dress anyways, so I should be fine –*but still, thanks for the tip!