Wedding shoes - designer or not???

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Designer wedding shoes - to buy or not to buy???

  1. Go all out and enjoy your Louboutins forever more!

  2. Go all out, but then preserve those Manolos!

  3. Buy reasonably priced shoes - use the extra $ for your wedding, your dress, etc.

  4. Go barefoot!

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  1. Ladies, I started a thread a few weeks ago asking for suggestions for wedding shoes and the responses have been amazing!!! There have been some really gorgeous Louboutins, Manolos, Rene Caovilla's, and other designer shoes that have been suggested that I'm just drooling over. But now I have a I spend hundreds of dollars (some close to $1K) on a pair of premier designer shoes for my wedding? Or do I put that money towards something else wedding related and instead buy a more reasonably priced shoe - e.g. Nine West Bridal, BCBG, Stuart Weitzman, or even Kate Spade. And if I do make the decision to buy designer shoes, do I preserve them afterwards or wear them forever more? I can't decide and would love to hear your opinions!

  2. I would definitely get a fabulous pair of shoes (I remember your original thread and I love the Manolo Sederbys - I think I spelled it wrong:P).

    Depending on the style of your dress, if you can get a pair of shoes that are more silver (like the Manolos) or with rhinestones, you can wear them well after the wedding, especially if you love them!

    Congrats again!
  3. Agree; that's what I did, too.
    I preserved the dress, but the shoes get worn still to this day.
    Whether you "go all out," or not depends on what you are comfortable spending. Either way, I didn't find a reason to spend money on shoes to wear one day when we got married.

    Enjoy the process, and congrats to you and yours!
  4. I would get mid priced shoes.
  5. I would find shoes that are comfortable worn all day and IMO Manolos are the most comfy ones. I only own one pair of Louboutins and I haven't tested them on a whole day run yet so my vote is Manolos :yes:

    P.S. Congratulations on your wedding!
  6. I opted for lower-priced shoes. I only spent about $50 - got them at DSW. They were beautiful but affordable. Here's why I went that route:

    My dress was floor length, so you barely saw them anyway. Also, my reception was outside, so my white shoes got filthy! I'm glad I put my wedding funds toward other things.
  7. I posted in your other thread, I think you are going to want that money for the wedding because you might take off fancy shoes at the reception anyway. Depends on if they are shoes you can keep using forever, if then spend a little more than usual IMO. Good luck and congrats!
  8. I posted in your other thread - I love Manolos and have them in real life, but honestly, white satin shoes are not that practical. If you can get a silver pair and have the $$ for it, go for it!
    Otherwise, I'd go mid-range. For my wedding, I went mid-range for shoes, but wore a Vera Wang wedding dress - you'll get more mileage out of a top designer dress.
  9. I would spend the money somewhere else. Nobody is going to see the shoes and you want a pair of comfortable shoes that will last for the entire day. DSW is a great place to look for wedding shoes. Mine were Nine West for $42 and they were the most comfortable shoes ever, didn't give me any problem whatsoever even though I didn't break them in before the wedding day.
  10. You'll be on your feet a lot on your wedding day. So, I say go with whatever is the most comfortable for you.
  11. IMO, Manolos is the best. I wore mine on my wedding day.They looks great on everybody, and also very comfy.

    My SA at BNY said you can dye the shoes black, so you can use them again.

    Good Luck, and Congrats!
  12. Manolo silk pumps at
  13. Thanks ladies for all your posts!! I'm still rather torn...the vote's pretty close! One factor that IS helping me a bit is the cost of my wedding dress. I *think* I just found my dress and the price isn't as bad as I thought it would be, so I might have more room for some gorgeous shoes!! Must think more on this though...there are so many things we have to pay for, but when else could I justify such expensive shoes?? Hmmmmmmmmmm...
  14. Honestly, I wouldn't spend a ton on your shoes. Like a previous poster said, with most dresses you barely even see the bride's shoes. Also, I know that at my wedding, my friends and I were all dancing so much that we ended up taking off our shoes and leaving them at the table. I would definitely put the money towards something else. If you truly love shoes, maybe buy yourself a fab pair to take on the honeymoon!