Wedding shoes - any suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking for a pair of gorgeous shoes for my wedding day. They don't have to be white or ivory - I'm also open to silver or gold. Have you ladies seen any gorgeous sandals that could work as a bridal shoe? The average bridal shoe is pretty cheesy looking, so I haven't seen anything I like yet. Would love to see your suggestions!

    TIA!!! ;)
  2. I'm having the same predicament. After being engaged for a year, I've finally started the wedding planning. However, I've been extremely disappointed at the shoe selection out there ... all very plain and bleh. The one pair of non-wedding shoes that has definitely stood out is Manolo Blahnik's Sedaraby.:love: I wonder whether they are comfortable enough to wear the entire day.

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  3. Does if have to be a sandal? How about a nice pointy toe slingback? If that sounds like something you could use I can give you a few suggestions -

  4. I was just browsing the J. Crew website and they have a few different stlyes of satin heels. I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of J.crew shoes - most are made in Italy and are very well made and comfortable. These are my favorites:

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  5. Cpngratulations on you engagements, ladies! :yes:

    I've been engaged since April this year and seeing those shoes really put me in the mood to start ploanning,too, Stinam!:yes: They are soooo pretty!:love:
  6. stinam - i just got these shoes a few weeks ago - and i LOVE them - people say they're really comfortable and they ARE! it's in the construction of the show or the leather or something - but it really doesn't feel like you're wearing heels at all - and they're gorgeous!! i would definately go for the bling factor for the wedding shoes!
  7. hey ladies, i just got married last month and my avatar is my wedding shoes. it's by rene caovilla and it's most beautiful, and most expensive pair of shoes, i've ever purchased.

    when i was wedding shoe shopping, i looked at everything, from manolo to jimmy choo and giuseppe zanotti, and when i saw the rene caovilla shoe line, they made my heart race. they are not only unique, but extremely well made evening shoes.

    i wish you guys luck.
  8. I vote for any Manolo sedaraby. The ones with the rhinestone buckle are gorgeous and comfy, and there is also a more plain style I've seen in silver, gold and many other colours (I have it in red satin). I can't find a photo in silver or gold leather but here it is in black satin:

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  9. I've been having the same dillemma! I hate all the "bridal" shoes o0ut there- they look so cheesy. :s My dress will be in in a few months, and I really need to find shoes ASAP!!
  10. Kate spade and Jcrew have some cute wedding shoes.
  11. Sorry ladies, I started this thread and then completely forgot for a few days...oops! :shame:

    stinam, angielahlah, and FashionGrrrrl - Thanks so much for the Manolos suggestion! The Sedaraby is one HOT shoe!!! This is the type of shoe I'm looking for - a pair that I can wear forever as an evening shoe, not just a cheesy pair just for my wedding day. Would love to check them out IRL...hopefully they have them at Holt's since I'm in Canada! Have you ever seen the Sedaraby on sale at all??? Just so my fiance doesn't freak out...LOL... :P

    aspoint_girl - Nope, don't have to be sandals. I'm definitely considering pointy-toe slingbacks too! Thanks!

    kate79 and Sunnydqt - Thanks for the J Crew suggestion! It's just that I'm in Canada and it'd be a bit hard for me to be able to see the shoes IRL before I buy them... :shrugs:

    randr21 - Those are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! :love: Were they comfy???

    Faith and MarieG - Good luck with your search too! Pls post if you find your shoes! :yes:

    chloe_babe - Those Gina shoes are HOT...very, very glam! Would love to check them out IRL...I have a question though...where do I find Gina shoes? :shame: TIA!
  12. I agree with the Manolo Sederaby - would look fab in silver. ACtually, Manolo has the lovely Carolyne slingback in white satin that would be perfect, and Jimmy Choo has some similar ones. Also both have some great silver strappy shoes that would look lovely with a wedding gown.

    When I got married, I also really liked some of the Vera Wang bridal sandals - very comfy and pretty! They're made by Stuart Weitzman.
  13. WOW gorgeous!! :graucho:
  14. DITTO! These are the shoes I'm getting married in, because it's the only way I can justify my purchase. :biggrin: I believe they come in a smaller heel too ... 3 1/2 or 1 1/2"! Look into the smaller ones if you can't stand the high heels!