Wedding shoe suggestions?

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  1. I'm getting married next June (a long ways to go, I know, lol)...but I can't stop obsessing over what shoes to wear! I don't even have a dress yet, lol. Bags are usually my first love, and shoes my second, but since bags don't really have much of an appearance on this day, I've been obsessing over shoes! I know, I know...they're hidden by the dress. :shame:

    Most of the wedding blogs/sites have really stodgy looking shoes IMHO, so I was dejected until I remembered this sub-forum.

    I want a shoe (preferably white/cream tones, but open to silver suggestions) with some crystal to closed and open toe suggestions. I want a somewhat nicer shoe (not one of those run-of-the mill dyeable $30 kinds) but would like to stay in the $100-$400 range (sorry, Christian Louboutins!). Was thinking maybe Stuart Weitzman or Grazia.

    Please help, girls!
  2. Here are some I have been thinking of, but none really "WOW" me quite yet.

    Grazia Ava

    Grazia Diana

    Pelle Moda Collete (this one is for detail, see silver below)


    Stuart Weitzman Class Act (Not truly modern either, but has some sparkle, looks like it would be comfortable...I know, I know...shoe lovers everywhere groan)
  3. Couple more:

    Stuart Weitzman Pipevixen

    Stuart Weitzman Lace Lady (think the detail on this is pretty...but not sure how it would look with a foot in it since it looks sheer)
  4. A few more; seems like most of the shoes I am picking are silver, though I would still prefer a cream shoe.

    Stuart Weitzman Pipe Sashay (Ok I think this one is nicer than vixen!)

    Dereon Tallula
    Dereon Tallula.jpg

    Stuartz Wetizman Meshme (looks like a white lacelady, but I think the details are nicer on the lacelady)

    Ok, I better stop and wait for some responses before people think I am a crazy shoe lady talking to myself! :nuts:
  5. Ahhh I wish you were interested in some CLs, I've got some great ideas for those since that was the brand I wanted for my wedding!!! :tup:

    That being said, you should check out which has a pretty good selection of couture shoes in your price range, and there's the Zappos couture site as well, and Nordstrom has a nice "Occasion" section on their website. Stuart Weitzman is a great brand to start the search with. Kate Spade also makes some great wedding shoes but they don't seem to have much with sparkles.
  6. These are all from the Nordstrom "Occasion" shoe section.




  7. lol I'm a shoe addict myself, but strongly suggest you buy the dress first and move on from there :smile:
  8. haha that was the plan when I started but the perfect shoe came along and I couldn't pass it up... so now the shoes dictate the dress :P Although my shoes will go with white, cream, ivory, champagne, every wedding dress color basically, so I think I'll be okay.
  9. ^Thanks! Haha, I am "interested" in CLs for sure, but not ready to make that leap quite yet. I have several LV bags are mostly 1k+ but have not been able to buy $500+ shoes yet, lol...esp for shoes that I think I'm likely to wear once (since I'm leaning more toward some white ones).

    :flowers: Happy 25th birthday by the way :flowers: (from your signature). I'm 25 too, but will be turning 26 in late Oct.
  10. What are your shoes, out of curiosity? CLs, I assume?
  11. ^^ I hear ya. I wouldn't have gotten mine if I didn't think I could wear them again. But I know I will be able to so I took the plunge!! They aren't white, they are ivory/cream/gold with swarovski crystals on them. I can see them going with more outfits after the wedding. If you want white ones then I completely understand what you are saying about reusability.

    and thanks for the birthday message! :smile:
  12. yes, they are the CL Champus. I'll post a pic if I can find one...
  13. Okay, looks like I found 3, lol. Here's the Champus:




    These are actually a 1/2 size smaller than the pair I ended up with because when I ordered them this was the only size near mine available. When my size popped up I got those and then took these back!
  14. I like the Pipe Sashay. Go for comfort! Stuart Weitzmans are wonderful for that.

  15. Ohh so pretty! And sparkly...haha! I like a little sparke...I'm having crystal draped everywhere at my wedding! When are you getting married?