Wedding shoe suggestions?

  1. I know there have been a lot of threads asking this question, but I can't search right now, so hope you don't mind me asking again. It's wedding crunch time for me and I have to find shoes soon so that my gown can be measured and finished! Here is the a pic of the gown:


    I'm gonna be shoe shopping like MAD for the next few weeks, but any suggestions as to the style and/or brand I should be looking for would help tremendously!

    I know I do not want white shoes and will probably be looking for silver or platinum. Jewels and embellishments are fine, don't have any preference on open or closed toe. Open to any suggestions! I love high heels and usually don't have any problems walking in them, so go as high as you want. Don't have a budget in mind yet, so go crazy.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. manolo blahnik sedaraby d'orsay would be perfect for your gorgeous dress!!!
  3. ^Oh, those are great! Keep 'em coming! I'm gonna print out pics and take them with me when I go shopping!
  4. omg u look fabolous in that dress...
  5. ^Oh, that is SO not me in the pic! Hee hee. That's a model. I WISH!
  6. checkout:
    -rene caovilla
    -jimmy choos
    -giuseppe zanotti
    -christian louboutins

    they all make great evening shoes, esp. for special occasions.
  7. wow your dress looks gorgeous!
  8. Christian Louboutin glitter pumps
    Christian Louboutin Lady Strass [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]$1,225[/FONT]
    Valentino Diana strappy [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]$595
  9. I've been drooling over the CL glitter pumps! I've never seen them IRL...are they multicolored or just silver?

    Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! I've been saving them all...
  10. ^ The glittered pumps are multicolored.
  11. ^^ I think the CL Strass would go great with that dress... so elegant.
  12. My suggestion is to choose the most comfortable shoes that you can find. Your dress is long and no one is going to see them, really. I mean, I don't suggest wearing Chucks, but I promise you your feet are going to be killing you by the end of the night! I wouldn't go too high. Seriously, no one is going to see them except when you remove your garter (if you even do that? I didn't.). :smile:

  13. I like the CL Lady Strass the best so far! But the price tag...oompf...they would cost more than the dress! Hmm...

    ...I'm tempted to stash a pair of slippers in the dressing room just in case the shoes I end up with kill my feet. Then I can slip them on except for the garter toss and no one will know (people would just think I'm randomly shrinking and growing).