Wedding Shoe Issues - HELP!

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  1. Ladies,

    So, I purchased my DREAM wedding dress a couple months ago (the Monique Lhuillier Camelot) and took it to get altered because it was a little long for me. Well...the lady took WAY too much off and now I don't think I can wear anything higher than a 1inch heel (If that). I'm totally distressed because I am a HUGE heel person (I was actually planning to wear nude Louboutin very prives) and now I don't know what to do. All the flats I see are so cheesy looking! Does anyone know of any wedding flats that won't make me feel like a slob?

    Thanks for the help!!
  2. Oh no! Is there anyway she can let it out? Even if it's just a little, every millimeter helps! I wouldn't give up on the VPs just yet. They are so gorgeous.
  3. ^^ No because she took off the excess fabric :cry:

    I was honestly traumatized but I am trying not to be a bridezilla and make it work...I'm going to wear the VP to my rehersal dinner and I plan on wearing them a bunch after the wedding since they are so versitile. I hope everyone doesn't notice that I am 5'9 at my rehersal dinner and 5'4 at the wedding....It's especially bad because my fiancee is 6'2--I'm going to look so tiny next to him!
  4. Well--they say something has to go wrong with every wedding--maybe this is your "thing" and everything else will be PERFECT!! And,the upside is with a full length gown the shoes won't show that much. If it's a summer wedding, maybe just some strappy nude/metallic kitten heeled sandals? If fall/winter the same with pumps/flats?

    Honestly, if you're a "high-heel" person you're probably not going to wear these shoes again. . .so I'd just go cheap rather than some expensive designer low-heeled shoes you'll never wear again.

    And, take heart. Everyone will be focused on your beautiful gown and your blissful expression and big smile. . .they'll never notice the shoes!!
  5. Congrats on your wedding. I have been going through the same wedding issue of trying to find the perfect shoe for my wedding dress. I am getting married in November. I am taller than my hubby-to- be in most heels, so trying to find a shoe that had a short heel and that I liked was hard.

    Plus I wanted a bright colorful shoe...but all the shoes I liked were too tall. About a week or so ago, I finally found a white shoe that has the perfect size heel and it is a shoe I can wear again.

    I think it all depends on what time of year you are getting married and in what venue.

    I found these ballet flats for wedding shoes. Not too expensive. They will work for a wedding and then if you don't want to, you don't have to wear them again.

    White Ballet Flats | Ivory Ballet Flats | 20 Colors: The Dessy Group

    Also, they are a lot of strappy type sandals that you could use for a wedding shoe. Look at a style you like and it may be something you can wear again afterwards.

    Here is another site I found: Womens Wedding Shoes

    So, they may not be designer, but just google 'flats for wedding shoes' or something like that and I am sure you will come up with alot of options. If you want designer, then just go to your favorite stores and start seeing what type of sandals or flats (lavins, etc) that you can buy.

    Good luck and I can't wait to see which shoe you selected.

    By the way...BEAUTIFUL GOWN!!!
  6. I just googled your dress. Sigh. Can I just tell you what a step up that is from my aunt's hand-me-down tulle-satin-barbie-doll dress I wore at my wedding (27 yrs ago)?

    Your dress is amazing.

    You're going to look amazing.

    Go barefoot for God's sake. . .no one will notice

  7. Great website...thanks for the info!!!! Hope Burberryaholic will find it useful as well. It would have been good to know before I got my shoes (even though I am extremely happy with mine)
  8. Great webiste!
  9. Oh my gosh y'all! Thank you so much for the help!!

    And greygirl - I love your grey! I have an adopted greyhound that I just adore!!
  10. That website is perfect too! Gorgeous flats!! :smile: YAY!
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    What coincidence it is to see myself in your troulbe TODAY! I had my dresses tailored and finally get a too short one that I do not know what shoes would be suitalbe to match it. Here is my wedding dress,
    Di you get any good advice to rectify it?