Wedding Ring STOLEN

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  1. I tried posting this last night but for some reason it wouldn't work. I was so upset that I'm glad that I didn't. I'm not crying anymore and feel much more calm.

    But...I always take my rings off when I wash my hands at work - I just hate the feeling of wet rings and they're hard to get nice and dry. Anyway, so yesterday I do the same thing I always do...but I had a headache so I started massaging my temple and walked out - leaving my rings on the counter.

    20 minutes later I realized what I'd done and ran back - but they were gone. :crybaby: No one had seen anything ( my good friends sit near the women's room). I went to security and filed a report. The cleaning ladies came to my desk and talked to me - and this morning one told me that they checked EVERY single garbage in the kitchens and bathrooms on every floor. They are so sweet.

    But it's gone. It's been two days now and if someone hasn't turned it in by now they aren't going to. And I know that it did not fall down the drain (impossible with the design of our sinks) or get thrown out. They were right in the middle of the counter which is very long and fairly big. Someone took them.

    It almost hurts worse that someone at my work did this. I spend almost more time there than at home and it's like a big family. We raised over $10k for a coworker who is battling her 4th round of cancer and in just two days raised $1k for a coworker who had a heart attack. I love my coworkers and cannot see a single person keeping my ring.

    It just breaks my heart. Luckily my husband wasn't mad at me and said that we just have to go buy a more expensive one now. The goof ball. I want THAT one! It was MY ring. I don't want to deal with shopping for a new one either. *sigh*

    Thanks for letting me vent. I cried all day yesterday at work - kind of embaressing but everyone was really sweet about it. Like I said, I love my coworkers so thish is just very disheartening.
  2. im so sorry that this happened to you! after everything you have done for coworkers, you dont deserve this kind of treatment, I really wish that the rings were just misplaced and somebody will turn them in!! Things will get better, so hang in there! Ill pray for your rings!!
  3. I am so sorry to hear of the missing rings as I know how important a wedding ring is. Your DH sounds so sweet to offer to buy you a new ring.
  4. Oh Megan, I am so sorry to hear that! I know it has been two days, but I hope that the rings will be returned. That was very sweet of your DH to offer to buy you a new one. He knows it is not your fault they are missing! Good luck and keep your spirit up. Keep us updated too if they do turn up.
  5. HUGS**** I can relate... in a way. Hubby lost his and I cried because we got matching platinum rings. My mom even gave it to us for our wedding!! I hope someone finds them and returns it.

    Oh... do you think it fell in the drain?.. it may sound silly but it could happen:shame:
  6. Im so sorry..I actually understand how you feel.
    I just lost an extremly expensive necklace that I got for my 10th wedding anniversary....It was devastating to lose it( and it was stolen from my own house..which totally sucks)
    I hope your rings turn up and someone fesses up!**HUGS!**
  7. Megan, so sorry to hear this. Hopefully, you'll get your ring back soon.

    PS Your husband sounds like a cool guy.
  8. I am sorry this happened to you.
  9. I'm sorry this happened to you. Is that bathroom only for employee use? If one of your co-workers took the rings hopefully they will eventually feel guilty enough and your rings will just appear on your desk.
  10. That is so terrible. I teach at a high school, and one of the teachers this week lost a bracelet and one of the kids stole it. It was her grandmother's and she is so heartbroken!
  11. Oh sorry to hear about your rings. Don't give up looking for them. Hopefully, they will be returned or show up for you.

    My girlfriend was just telling me yesterday that someone stole her Gucci watch. She owns a hair salon and took it off to shampoo a client. She put the watch on the shelf above the bowl and when she realized later that she had taken it off and left it, she went back to get it and it was gone. The other stylists are all good friends of hers as well as her clients! But one of them took it. Such a shame that you can't trust your co-wokers or your friends.

    Keep looking for your rings and maybe even offer a reward for anyone who returns them- no questions asked. You never know. Good luck!
  12. Oh my gosh - I am so sorry to hear that. I can understand how you feel. My sister recently lost her wedding band too - by a completely stupid mistake. She was cleaning them, and dried them off with a kleenex, and then left them inside the kleenex. Later on, she was tidying up the bathroom and inadvertently THREW THEM IN THE GARBAGE!!! Her wedding band and a pair of 1 ct. diamond earrings that my grandmother gave her for her wedding too. She didn't realize until it was too late.

    This was about four months ago and she's still sick about it. I am getting a pain in my stomach just remembering the ordeal.

    I'm really sorry.
  13. Oh yikes, I'm so sorry.

    The first thing you should do is file a report with the police. If there's an inscription on your ring, that's important for them to know. IF someone tries to pawn your ring, all pawn shops are required to check with the police to see if the goods are stolen goods.

    You can also call pawn shops in your city, and see if anyone has tried to pawn your ring & also this will let them be on the lookout for your ring in particular.

    I hope your ring finds its way back to you!
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you and even more for the fact that someone you work with and trust may have taken it. I would be very upset too if it happened to me. I'd like to think that if that happened to me, someone would give it back to me. But I can't say that will happen for sure.
  15. This just breaks my hear to read because I believe in the good of all people... and this is just awful.

    I hope someone changes their mind and gives you the ring back- and if not, they live a sad life.

    :heart: So sorry, tons of hugs!