WEDDING RING question? need help pls!!

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I currently have an engagement ring that is eternity style with diamonds going all around. The ring is a little big on me and it can't be resized due to the eternity style ( i would also like to have the option of resizing in the future) so I am wondering does anyone know if it is possible to remove the stones, on the bottom half of the band, to not make it eternity anymore? what kind of work is invovled in this...would the ring have to completely be remade or can they just remove the dimonds and fill in the platinum; this way making the band resizable anytime in the future?

    I appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes its possible however the jeweller should be skilled to do such a job. Personally though to avoid any disappoinment in case the job isnt done neatly i would advise you have all diamonds taken out and have a new platinum setting made.
  3. I agree, I think it would be safer/easier to have them put into a half-eternity setting. You can save the other stones for later.
  4. If you know a good Master Jeweler they should be able to add a sizing bar on the inside of the shank somewhat similar to sizing balls but actually a bar. I had my jeweler do this to a non-sizable ring and it worked out beautifully. That is if you want to keep your ring in the eternity style.
  5. I was thinking sizing beads, but bagaday's idea is good too.
  6. thanks for the replies! so do you guys think i should remove the eternity diamonds or just do the sizing bead option?
    ps. are the sizing beads actually effective?
  7. The sizing beads are very effective. I have tons of friends who have them.
  8. Personally I would not remove any of the diamonds because when you do work like that you are compromising the integrity of the piece and I think you'd have problems in the future. The sizing beads definitely work. Good luck!
  9. Try the sizing bead first. If you remove the stones, they need to be put into a new ring that is designed to be half-eternity. You will have stones left over.
  10. thank you everyone.

    does anyone here have the sizing beads in their ring and could post a pic? do they actually make the ring fit snug or can you still see some spacing in between the ring and the finger?
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    Im not sure if a jeweler can take the stones out and fill it in without remaking the whole ring. Im guessing they can, but im not even sure how it would turn out. It probably depends on the jeweler.

    I have somewhat of the same problem. I have an anniversary band (half-eternity) it has 17 diamonds and its a size 6.50, im a 5. I took it to 5 different jewelers to ask them about having it sized down. Basically 4/5 jewelers said that it wouldnt be a good idea to have my half eternity sized because it will cause the diamonds to become loose and pop out. The other jeweler said he would size, but it would be flat on the bottom. He also gave me the option of having sizing beads put it or a permanent sizing bar. I decided to try the beads and im going back tomorrow to have them removed. They killed my finger! And there was space in between the ring and my finger. Basically, it didnt look good or feel good. :sad:

    Im not sure if you will have the same experience with sizing beads because mine are trying to take up a lot of space, so it depends on the size you need. Yours might be smaller so they might not be painful or leave as much space. You should ask a jeweler about trying on a sample. But if it was me, i wouldnt go with sizing beads because this is your engagement ring, and you want it to fit perfectly and fit comfortably since its a forever ring. Plus you dont want to deal with the hassle of removing them if you change your mind.

    He explained that the sizing bar would be made by filling in the space between your finger and the bottom of the ring with platinum. So it would still be raised off your finger, you would just see metal though.
    i didnt like this idea too much because i like to stack rings and i thought it would look weird next to another ring.

    If you do decide to make it a half-eternity band, go to a couple different jewelers. Show them the ring, and tell them your idea. Make sure you tell them that you might want to size it again in the future and see if they would advise against having a half-eternity sized. It may be different with you depending on how much you will size up or down and how the diamonds are set in the ring. If its not that much, it might not alter the shape enough to cause problems with the diamonds. Just make sure you let them know there will be sizing done in the future.

    Is there a return or exchange policy where the ring was purchased? Maybe you and your fiance can just order it in your correct size or just purchase a half-eternity in your size instead. If it was me, I personally would keep it eternity since i wouldnt want to lose the diamonds and i would just reorder it in my size. Remember, this is a special ring so you want it to be perfect. :smile:

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    I have them in mine and pics are attached below. Mine make my ring fit well below the knuckle. My knuckles are HUGE so I need to keep my rings sized much larger than my finger actually is. The beads fill in.

    WHAT IN THE HELL DID HE DO TO YOUR RING. Those are insane.

    Here's a photo of mine, a TERRIBLE one but photos. Mine are barely a millimeter and are VERY smoothed down. I have had more than one ring done JUST like this and I don't feel them ever.

    You would be better off with a horseshoe sizer.

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  13. Ame, i know they are lol. And this jeweler had experience for over "30" years.
    Yours look more comfortable for sure.
    and like i said before, it does depend on the size. and the jeweler lol
  14. All I can say is OUCH! But, thank you am ame for the pictures and explanation, I have always wondered how those worked and looked.
  15. Sure thing! I find them very comfortable. I don't know they're there, usually even if I am gripping sometihng with that hand, which is rare. I had them in my old rings too before they were stolen and I did them in this as soon as I got it. It saddens me that this jeweler with 30 years of experience would find that acceptable! Then again we don't know what his experience is IN! Probably not 30 years of benchwork!

    If I could get one of the horseshoes in Plat I would but they seem like they only do YG and WG for those and any normal human could have that, but I can't have gold on my skin. :sad:

    For the OP:
    You should really consider having a jeweler pull the stones out of that ring and put them into either a custom half-eternity, or a stock half-eternity piece if they are a "standard" size. They can go through all of the stones when loose for measurements so that they can be sure they pick perfect matches.