Wedding ring decisions

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  1. Hi,

    I live in the uk and im getting married in June this year. Im struggling to find an wedding band to go with my engagement ring.
    Im going to have one handmade but im struggling with ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Excuse the photos I took them when I was first engaged. I dont currently have my ring as I damaged the shank and it is currently being repaired :sad:

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  2. If you want a diamond wedding band I think a channel set would be a great match to your e-ring. Or just a plain platinum one with rounded edges.
  3. I think a thin plain band would be ideal, or at most a thin channel set.
  4. Ive just been browsing the internet for some inspiration. I quite like the Tiffany Harmony ring. I considered a plain ring but I am unable to wear my engagement ring due to work so I would like something with some detail.

    Thankyou for your suggestions
  5. I think a thin tiffany band with diamonds would be really pretty!
  6. The harmony ring could fit the bill

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  7. +1
  8. Wow what a nice ring and big rock in the centre.:smile:
    I think a nice plain band with a half round shape would look nice on and not take away as much from your centre stone. You can try split bands plain, so one thin band on either side of the engagement ring but it might look like it has to much metal.
    Try visiting a few websites online as well to give you some inspirations, from past experiences i can recommend you visit the following:
    blue nile
    james allen
    GS Diamonds.

    Good luck i hope this helps and enjoy your wedding.:biggrin:
  9. Diamonds in chanel setting.