Wedding preparations!Help!

  1. Hey girls,

    I am engaged for over a year now and I keep postponing seting a date for the marriage because I do not have the time or the energy to make all the necessary preparations. In Cyprus getting married is a big thing that you have to strart arranging 1 year before at least in order to find a church and hotel on the same day.

    The hotel, to make things clear, you need it for the reception and the dinner. To get an idea the minimum invitation sent are 1500. For mine it's going to be 4000 people since our families know a lot of people:hysteric: . The dinner will be only for 300 people though!:yes:

    I dont know what to do because everybody keeps asking when we are planning to get married and I want to get married but with work and everything I feel I have no time left!

    Any ideas?:upsidedown:
  2. I planned my entire wedding in less than six months.

    Are you not setting a date because your too busy, because you like being engaged or because your not so sure about marriage?

    I say figure out what time of year you'd like to get married, figure out possible weekends keep in mind if there are any significant family occasions coming up ie big anniversaries, coming of age type parties, or religious ceremonies.

    Once you figure out a few options. Call around before you even look to see if they have a date available. I found that calling and asking right off the bat for a specific day narrowed down choices, which i think is good thing. Because if you look at too many places you go back and forth over if you made the right decision.
  3. can you asked a wedding organiser to help you?
  4. Yes, I also suggest a wedding planner to help you out, as you are talking seriously huge numbers.

    I hate to preach though, but when I married my husband, I wanted to do it immediately! It wasnt a case of the planning, we set a date and worked around it. Do not stress about the day, it should only be about love and the two of you coming together. That really is the most important thing :heart:
  5. Hire a wedding planner or elope maybe?
  6. I planned my wedding in 3 months with the help of a wedding planner. It was worth the extra money because she took care of everything and I still had the energy to work, be engaged, and move! Take your time it's your big day and it should be when you want it to be.
  7. Hire a wedding planner, especially since you have so many guests.
  8. :lol: :lol: I think elope seems like a nice choice to me:yahoo: but seriously wedding planners take over only limited things in Cyprus like only the dinner party and church decoration and only after choosing the venue etc.
  9. I have been thinking of just eloping when it's time but BF is very traditional and my maid of hono to-be told me it's not happening on her watch! LOL. Did you have a wedding planner book and such? Map out everything that needs to be done with a timeline. That helps. Also, if any of your friends are married they can be there to help you and see that you don't miss any of the important stuff (like marriage licenses and health shots prior to honeymoon if you're going somewhere else and that requires shots or what not). Good luck!