WEDDING PICS: Carmelo Anthony & Lala Vazquez

  1. Married today....
  2. omg- Jonathan was w/ Kim at the wedding? geez.
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  4. Where?
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Ciara is so pretty.
  9. Oh wow I passed right by there. I thought it was for Lady Gaga or someone.
  10. Brittney Gastineau is always in the same dress, differernt color.
  11. Check out Luda looking adorable in the background of the picture where Melo is coming in.
  12. Did they even finish the reception before releasing pics to the media? LOL! lala does have a new reality show so it makes sense. She looks very pretty!
  13. i was just gonna write that!!! she's just so...matronly or plain.
  14. What is with all these white dresses and panty flashers! I mean after an engagement that long... NO WAY. DRESS CODE ENFORCEMENT.
  15. Ciara's outfit is odd...maybe with different shoes? Serena looks nice!