Wedding Photos FINALLY!!!

  1. I just have to share...we are finally getting our wedding photos back this week. We were married last April and its been 10 months in the making to receive our photos and albums from our photographer.

    She got our albums in a couple weeks ago but there was some pages messed up but they are fixed and ready now. So we are going to go and pick them up this week!!!! I can hardly wait to get them, I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. How exciting!! Congrats!! :drinkup:
  3. Aww congrats!!
  4. Oh can't wait! I want to see pics! lol
  5. Thanks!!! I'll be sure to upload them as soon as I get them and post a link. :smile:
    I just can't wait to get them after waiting so long!
  6. How exciting!!!! I love looking at wedding pictures! :heart:
  7. Great!!! I cant wait to see the pics!!!:yes:
  8. Wow ten months is that the norm? Just curious because I'm getting married in Nov. But either way congrats, I love wedding pics.
  9. awwwwww!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please share some pages with us when you get it! i LOVEEEE wedding pictures!
  10. yay i cant wait to see! :smile:~
  11. handbag_luvr- I don't think its the norm but then again I don't know. I know most of my friends that got married after us had their pictures back already, but they also didn't get packages like ours.
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding by the way!!!!
    Thanks everyone..I'm picking them up tomorrow nigth!!! YAY!!!!:party:
  12. Ohh congrats!!!!
  13. :popcorn: can't wait!
  14. Congratulations on the photos. Our photog took forever and a day to get our photos to us. I don't think that it was 10 months, but it was definitely more than 6. He ended up comping us on the albums because of all the delays.
  15. hey congrats