Wedding outfits, where can I get cute clutch and accessories?

  1. I have a friend's wedding on Sept 1st at the Ritz Carlton LA. It's in the evening. I'm so clueless over this...since I haven't been to a wedding for ages and at that time I was still young, I couldn't care less of what to wear.

    I need to buy a clutch, any recommendation ??? I preferred med budget range, not Judith Leiber kind. Maybe anythin below $300. I like trendy contemporary fashion, Nicole Richie kinds. :p

    I have a recent silk Nieves Lavi dress, sort of A line dress that hits on the knee below in blue and white color.Maybe I need to match it w a pair of silver heels w jewels, a silver clutch or adding a fake silver diamond bracelet or necklace ??? is it too much????

    Please helppppp, thankss
  2. i just bought a silver penelope clutch from kooba and it's really pretty! the strap is removable which will make it look more formal for a wedding... i'm pretty sure you'll be able to find a discount code to make it :heart:00 too. lauren merkin also makes nice clutches!
  3. I don't know how you feel about Coach wristlets, but they're really cheap (~40USD) and cute. They usually have silver too! I bought one in a metallic lilac color and used it for a wedding. I'll be going to a wedding next month as well, and I'll be using my LV black Epi Pochette (that's almost ~400USD new).
  4. For clutches, you might wish to look at Jalda clutches as well as Lorelei clutches
    20% off with code "grechen"

    What shade of blue is your dress in? If it's in aqua by any chance, how about this bracelet?

    Kelliope Orbital bracelet - aqua quartz with silver

  5. I personally prefer hand-made items by the wonderful sellers on Etsy :smile: People like sewlutionsbyamo who will create a custom clutch in the colour of your choice. This is in a gold colour: