Wedding on the beach.

  1. I'd like to get some ideas for a dress, for a beach wedding in St lucia.

    any ideas would be great.
  2. Bag Fetish, are you attending as the bride, or as a guest?
    Had to ask, because I think no matter where the wedding is the bride should always be in white (or some close shade), but for a guest at the beach wedding you could opt for summery colors and lightweight material .:yes:
  3. this would be for me, the bride.

    I'm just curious, nothing is set, no ring yet. We were just talking last night and he wants to be married on a beach in st lucia. I've always thought it was a be a nice get away :smile:
    We both feel its a great vacation, and would sooner spend the money on a vacation then a big wedding.

    so i'd just like some ideas.
  4. WOW! CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:
    I'd go with a knee-length dress, rather than a full formal ankle-length gown, considering the location. Or you could always get whacky and turn up for your wedding in a bikini top and sarong! :yes:
  5. :yes: I was about to agree. Full length dress or ones that are too formal usally make it a bit hard to walk around the beach.
  6. thank you, as i said nothing is wrote in stone its all just talk. I would just like some ideas.
    Bikin and sarong >nah i'll leave that to pammy LOL
    Knee length, hmm i'll have to think about that. I just want things to be romantic, something not too dressy and I have no idea what he'll be wearing.
  7. thoughts ?


    :White / Ivory

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    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][​IMG][/FONT] [​IMG]

  8. The dresses are lovely, but the trains, however short will surely drag through the sand. Maybe a tea length, or even one with a higher hem in front and lower in back. I'm planning the same type of affair for next June and I'm even considering what may come off the rack in bloomie's or Saks in January.
  9. ITA, I think for a beach wedding, shorter will be better.

    Good luck!
  10. How romantic! I always wanted a casual beach wedding in Bora Bora at sunset. I don't know if I really have any ideas for you but I always dreamed of wearing a beautiful but simple dress. Something cute and comfy but elegant. Just above the knee. No shoes. He would wear white linen slacks and an open collar white shirt. No shoes.

    The ceremony would be small, short and sweet. Just a few people at the actual ceremony on the beach. But the reception would be AMAZING! Really big. On the beach. Live band. Wonderful food. Beautiful cake. Really good drinks. The entire sha-bang would run straight thru evening and into the night with Tiki torches lit all over. Several huge lounging pillows and beds (think Miami - South Beach) for the guests and hundreds of beautiful flowers everywhere. A small dance floor somewhere near-by, built right on the beach. We would celebrate and party thru the night.


    My honeymoon would last 3 weeks.

  11. Awww...that sounds dreamy.
  12. I think that tea or knee length is popular for beachy weddings but in no way the only way to go. I think I'd just avoid ballgowns with lots of crinoline! And all the bustling and stuff. You'd get so hot in a dress like that anyway. Have you looked on theknot? There is a destination wedding board on it and maybe you can look through the other girls profiles and get ideas of what they're doing.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding... regardless of location! Very exciting :smile: