Wedding in Ireland

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  1. I've been invited to a wedding in Ireland (DH's good friend from college). It's a church ceremony at noon followed by snacks and drinks. Dinner is served at 5.

    Do wedding guests normally change their attire between the ceremony and dinner especially when there are a good few hours between both events?

  2. I used to work for a hotel chain in Ireland for 4 years and usually guests will arrive from the church directly, have snacks and drinks in one area of the hotel and then move to the ballroom for dinner. Ladies would wear the same clothes throughout the day. Out of curiosity, where is the wedding taking place?:smile:
  3. nataliam, thanks. Your answer really helps :smile:

    The wedding reception/dinner will be at the Brehon hotel in Killarney.
  4. great... let me kno about u r experience there.. ireland is a beautiful place....