wedding in 1 week, how to not stress out??

  1. hi all,
    i am getting married next Sat (woo!) to the love of my life! :love:i am very excited but at the same time very nervous & stressed. i guess i'm just freaked out about unexpected things that may occur on the big day.... like if i'll trip over my dress, or some family members will get into a squabble, or some other kind of snafu. the wedding is out of town (in TX) and so it's kind of even more stressful, since i have to pack everything (i worry that i will forget something, stuff will get broken in transit, etc).

    sooo, i guess i am just asking if any has any advice?? i wish i could just tell myself not to stress out so much, but it's tough....
  2. My advice is to just not worry! If something goes wrong, people either won't notice or will forget about it. Remember, this is your big day and you should enjoy it! If something does happen, you have your wedding party and relatives who will jump in to help, as well as staff working that day.

    If you're worried about forgetting something while packing, start a list now and add to it when you remember something. That way you won't leave anything out when you do go to pack.

    If you already don't have these things scheduled, go for a mani/pedi and a long massage. Both DH and I had massages a day or so before the wedding and we were blissfully relaxed!
  3. thx for the reply! and yeah, we are definitely going to book massages for the day before the wedding. that seems like the best way to induce relaxation!! :yes:
  4. Ahh you said in your first line, you are marrying the love of your life.

    So if you tripped, or the dinner isnt quite as perfect as you thought, or the flowers wilt (I am sure none of those things will happen anyhow!!!), just think of the bigger picture, you are going to be surrounded by everybody you love, who want nothing but happiness for you, in the most amazing dress you will ever wear!! Focus on these, and just enjoy your fabulous day :smile:
  5. Be as prepared as possible. Make a list (or 10) of all the things you need to do and have. You are allowed to stress right up until you wedding day then you are required to relax and enjoy your day. I'm sure it will be perfect.
  6. Remember...this is your day.

    It is supposed to be fun and full of stress and it will take the fun and memories away!

    Enjoy your day! Best of luck and many, many happy wishes!!!!
  7. Awww....congrats to you and your future hubby! This is such an exciting day for you, so just take a deep breath, and HAVE FUN! I just got married on July 21st and I was nervous for the ceremony, but after that, I totally kicked up my heels!!!! Try to remember that it's time to make memories and not to freak out about tiny details. I PROMISE you, not even the mose observant and elite guests will notice the small stuff. As long as everyone else sees you having a good time, then they will too! Good luck!!!!!!

  8. Oh yeah, and if something does happen, just try to laugh it off. Those things always make the best memories. Like for us, my hubby dropped my ring during the ring ceremony....LOL. It was soooo funny! You should have seen us and the officiant bending over and searching for that goofy ring!!! LOL! I'm actually glad it happened caz I can promise you, we will never forget the ring ceremony now we have our own little special inside joke!:p
  9. I was pretty nervous the week before my wedding until I finally just came to the realization that all of the planning was done and everything was out of my hands by this point. I am sure that you have put a lot of effort and time into planning the wedding, but nows the time to relax and what will happen will happen. All of the little things that can go wrong are unimportant and even when they happen, the bride is often the only person who notices. Relax, have fun and make sure to enjoy the wedding!
  10. Don't be nervous!! It's so much fun! I was married on July 21st and it was the best day ever. Don't let anything get to you at all! One of my bridesmaids dropped her boquet in the water while we were taking pictures (before the wedding even started!) but the only thing we could do at that point was laugh it off. No matter what happens, you're marrying the love of your life! And that's all that matters!
  11. expect the worst and hope for the best! :lol:
    but seriously, a perfect wedding is a boring wedding. just sit back and watch the day unfold because it is going to become a blur! have fun and know that unexpected things will come up - thats the stuff that make it memorable. (and thats not to say that major snafus like serious family altercations are okay - I do not wish those on you at all). But what would a wedding be without all your kooky family members acting like their kooky selves. don't fret over things you have no control over. just be the princess for a day and when things get too crazy just look into your hubbys eyes and know everything is going to be fine.
  12. hi sweetneet! after all the work, planning, and $ you've put in it's only natural to want everything to be perfect. it's hard not to worry about it or to force yourself to relax, but remember that it's not about the flowers and the cake and the guest book and the favors all that, it's about a commitment and the celebration of the start of a life together. it's going to be fabulous no matter what, because it's about you and your man together! congratulations and be sure to let us know how it goes!
  13. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like everybody here already gave awesome advice. But with traveling with your dress, the airlines I believe will let you carry it on and they hang it for you in the plane. My friend had a wedding in HI and we are all from CA, and thats what they did for her. I'm actually getting married in one month, and to be honest I haven't done any real planning up until two weeks ago. Just not stressing about little unneccesary details helps. So just enjoy the day, because what I heard from friends was that the day goes super fast. Good luck!!!