Wedding ideas- advice.. anything!!

  1. hi all..

    ok well my SO and i have been together for 4 years.. and for the last year or so we have been talking about getting married, however we wanted to get engaged first but i moved to paris for 6 months for work so we stalled it... anywayz ive been back now for 5 months and we are planning on getting engaged, my dad just approved ( my dad was hesitant as he doesnt approve of mixed religon marraiges) ANYWAY my SO and his dad are coming over this weekend to offically ask my dad and get his approval.. sooooo from this weekend i need to start planning.. we are thinking of getting married may 1st ( i gave all above info just as background )

    in any case ineed LOADS of help - from ideas, to wedding favors.. to advice to anything..

    we are going to do a church ceremony or blessing and then evening do the reception/party... any advice on anything.. pictures.. ideas songs...
  2. I have a friend who swore by this site:

    I planned my own little ceremony. It was just our parents. We had it at our local botanic garden, and had a nice lunch afterwards.
  3. Woooooooooo J how exciting. Congrats!!!

    My advice? Keep it simple and elegant. Also, enjoy!
  4. ^ thanks Cal

    ive already got my dress ( will post pics) and have jsut spoken to the church here. ( he is hesitant but says after meeting me and soon to be DH he will decide ) but hes not back till sept. so will wiat till then but shouldnt be a problem i dont think!!
  5. titania thanks for that site.. am scrolling around in it now
  6. ^ totally into elegance.

    i'll just share my wedding story and you can take or consider whatever you want.
    we only married at the registry officially bec our families have different religious backgrounds - we don't but that is a diff matter. and hubby comes from a country where weddings are just receptions in eve, no official ceremony attendance.

    so`we did an eve reception in a big hotel, actually compared to some a rather small wedding, just 60 guests. i had to have a dress/ shoes/ etc just for the day so I got the traditional wedding dress - not one you can use later for other things, kwim? I just love looking at it...

    anyway, I got little gold bags with goody stuff like cigars for the gents, some chocs, nice soaps for the ladies that kind of stuff and gave everyone theirs personally bec that way I got to talk to everyone on the evening.

    hubby had to have a 7 tiered wedding cake.... it was brilliant although we had to give most to the guests to take with them. to date, the best thing I have ever ever tried.

    we had a DJ, although in hindsight I would look for another one now but we did it all on the distance bec we lived elsewhere at the time. I would have preferred a DJ more in teh background and with no mic using, and with more knowledge about arabic music for hubby. so my advice look for someone who doesn't want to entertain but really knows their music stuff (live music wasn't an option for us but maybe for you??). I got a videographer, and that was great! just nice to see the video later on bec of course it goes by so fast.

    I don't know what you do about gifts there: we asked for cash bec married in one country but actually live in another. but here usually the couple gets a list at a local shop for crockery and silverware etc and everyone can choose what they want to get them.

    I gave a dress code implicitly bec I have seen too many weddings where people were confused what to wear - easier if you just tell them what you want IMO. then again it depends on wedding customs in Bahrain (?, is that right?).

    anyway, long post - finally, congrats!!!! I loved my wedding reception although I was married ages before.... long and complicated story.
  7. thanks soooo muich for your post.. will definatly take certain things into condiseration
  8. Such exciting news Baby Boo!!

    My wedding is in 12 days and if I had one piece of advice- it's to enjoy this time b/c it goes by so fast! Also, if I had to go back and change one thing, it would be to pay more attention to my headpiece. When I bought it, I was so wowed by my dress that I didn't really think to shop around and take time to look for one separately. It was almost an afterthought. It's gorgeous, and I love it, but I would've taken more time to see what's out there before making my decision.

    Can't wait to see pics of your dress!
  9. I got married April 28th.

    If you are trying to cut costs anywhere...E-Bay is your friend. I used them for my favors.

    For your veil, DO NOT pay retail for it. Visit The reps were great and my veil was perfect.

    Enjoy this time, because it goes fast. The day of the wedding, take it all in because it will fly by.

    Its your wedding and people will try and tell you what you should do. Do what you want because its about you and your husband to be. You can't please everyone.

    Bridal Party....choose your bridesmaids carefully and choose dresses for them that will flatter everyone. Although no one will pay attention to them anyway, you don't want them looking a hot mess.

    Guests will attempt to inflate your guest list. There is nothing wrong with letting them know that they cannot bring 10 extra people.

    The Knot is a wonderful site with loads of info and even a wedding shop. If you choose to purchase wedding items from them, be mindful that the quality of some of those items are suspect.
  10. Hi, not really suggestions just some food for thought!

    All the weddings I have really loved have been the ones that reflected the personalities of the bride and groom, so if you are elegant and refined, go down that route, if you are not - then dont! (I'm not,btw) What do you and your husband to be love? Food? Art? theatre? Music? can you use that at all? For example, one scottish wedding I went to the bride had a 1950's style white dress a bouquet of clashing bright tulips. the bridesmaids wore 50s dresses with petticoats in similar bright colours. She walked down the aisle to "here comes the sun" with the biggest smile on her face! It was so appropriate for that couple

    I love weddings so here are some of the favourite bits I have picked up!

    One couple I knew liked travelling so the tables were named after places they had travelled to I was on Borneo, someone else was on Chile, and the table plan had a picture of them in those places.

    Another time they used the vows in different ways, so for example each table had an envelope with "for better, for worse" typed on it and a lottery ticket inside.

    Finally, one of my favourite things was a couple who met whilst working in a charity. The wedding had all the trimmings except one, instead of brides favours we each had a little envelope on the table saying they had decided to fund school dinners for an african child for 1 month - one child per guest. such a lovely personal touch.

    Love weddings
  11. Oh and enjoy yourself planning! You will have ups and downs in the process, its normal, try to not to let anyone bully you. Just make your day about you and have fun!

    What your guests really want is to see you and your hubby looking happy, your families looking proud. Thats all really. ITs what I always remember, the smiles and laughter. anyone who is there to count the cost of everything, you will never be able to impress, so dont even try!
  12. Baby Boo, congrats! I think you know where my suggestions will come from :smile:
  13. Baby Boo, congrats!!!!
    I have no clue about marriage tips, but I am very happy for you, so decided to post anyway!
  14. Thanks guys.. soo sweet of you.. going to post the dress pics now.. some ppl think im craxzy ( nmy grandmother) as its too premature to buy a dress this early!! shes not very postitve
  15. here you go... let me knwo your opinions.. ok not much i can do now if you think its ugly but seeing as i cant show anyone the dress im interested to know ppls opinions...
    DSCI0274.JPG DSCI0273.JPG