Wedding Hands...

  1. I've got like a GAZILLION pictures of couples showing off their rings on their wedding day and I'm gonna post the good ones...but if ya'll would be so kind as to share yours with us...that's be great.

    I'm going into the Wedding Photography field and I like seeing how different photographers approach this wedding photo collection must have shot.

    I'll prolly have to post 5 or 6 times to get all my favorites on here. Hang in there with me.

    I don't know ANY of these people.
    weddinghands_std[1].jpg wedding-hands[1].jpg 53000,1151561027,4[1].jpg DSCF2601handsB_Wcopy[1].jpg
  2. Here's some more.
    DCAKFE5LBCAFRBONZCAAWPEPLCAZJYUS3CARCJDY3CAXFDMLMCAO37631CALN4Y9JCA02HP0OCA00QQK2CA6X4K78CAW9JAKHCAI hands 1...jpg Hands[1].jpg ring_hands[1].jpg rings[1].jpg
  3. And yet, there's still more.
    tungsten_wedding_rings[1].jpg hands.jpg Wedding_Hands2_300x225[1].jpg wedding_hands2[1].jpg Wedding_Hands_Rings[1].jpg
  4. I swear I'm almost done.
    longsleeveahands.jpg wedding-hands[2].jpg wedding_website_pc_hands[1].gif
  5. I refused to do have this photo taken at my wedding because I thought it was cheesy and a bit creepy.
  6. Dh and I never took the wedding hands photo. It wasn't a conscious-thing not to, just never did. We also didn't do the garter-throwing thing. Now THAT - is cheesy.

    But I did throw my bouquet... gotta keep some tradition.
  7. our photographer took a lot of the standard shots because i didn't make a photo list. i actually HATE our hands picture because my hubby wouldn't go get a manicure or even put lotion on them (:rolleyes:) and mine are recovering from acrylics so they don't look so hot either. it's also before our "ring ceremony" so i'm only wearing my engagement ring. we have another picture though of his hands through my veil that i LOVE.
    hands.JPG waist.JPG
  8. The Knot web-site has great photos of "Real Weddings" and many of the photo albums show this sort of photo.

    I think the most tasteful photos taken of this kind are of the weddings bands only resting on some fort of inanimate object (like a leaf, rock, an invitation to the wedding, etc.). Sometimes they are taken when someone is holding the rings in their hand, which is okay. I don't know whether I would have this sort of photo taken or not.

    Check out the website.

  9. we have another picture though of his hands through my veil that i LOVE.[/quote]

    I love that picture, too.
  10. Oh I am so with you!!!! I hate all contrived wedding shots! We also did without several other wedding traditions like tossing the bouquet and garter, the chicken dance (et all), and throwing, blowing, or freeing anything upon our departure except rice!
  11. Is this a newer American tradition? I've never heard of it before.
  12. We didn't do the hand photo either. No garter, no chicken dance, no electric slide! I HAD meant to throw the bouquet but...never got around to it! I completely forgot! No one reminded me either...which says something, I think! :lol:
  13. ya, i've never been the biggest fan either and didn't plan on having the photo taken...however...before i could protest our photographer slapped our hands together and took the pic! eek! :wtf:
  14. There were a few photos that MissyBaby posted that were very sweet. Not cheesy at all.

    I wonder, years from now, when styles change... if the brides with really over the top french manicured acrylics will look at their pictures and wonder what they were thinking. (I have friends who look back on their '80s wedding photos, with the big hair, extreme makeup and shoulder-pads, and wonder what they were thinking... :shrugs: )

    ETA - when I look at the photos, I only see the acrylics... not the sweetness of the couple holding hands.
  15. I can understand how some might not like this photo.

    However I will def. have this photo with my FH. His hands are HUGE compared to mine, he can fold his fingers over mine. And it's always been a joke between the two of us. So I def. want a photo that shows the difference in our hands. I think it will mean a lot to the both of us.